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brendan_dj's Avatar brendan_dj 01:31 PM 03-02-2013
I have a very basic heating system and there is only a 2-core wire leading to the existing battery-operated Honeywell thermostst. The wires are currently connected to the terminals marked "R" and "W/AUX". I do not have a "common 24v" wire. I want to replace this thermostat so that it can be controlled by my GE 45601 Advanced Z-WAVE remote. All z-wave thermostats i have researched require a common 24v wire. Are there any Z-Wave thermostats out there that runs on batteries and will work with my simple 2-core wiring?

Thanks in advance!

az1324's Avatar az1324 07:37 PM 03-02-2013
2gig CT100 ?
jtechcs's Avatar jtechcs 07:53 AM 03-03-2013
I really like the Honeywell thermostats, with the z-wave model being the TH8320ZW series. They offer a 'wire saver' module ( THP9045) that is designed to be used where a 24V common is required and there are not enough wires, but it looks like it still requires at least 3 wires. Link to pdf file:
gfstv's Avatar gfstv 11:47 AM 03-03-2013
agree the honeywells via zwave are good... i have 4 solid
mayar1's Avatar mayar1 11:11 AM 03-22-2013
I had the same problem. The 2gig thermostat is a zwave stat that takes batteries as well as common 24volt. I have it set up with a vera 2 and it works great.
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