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fruitbat's Avatar fruitbat 09:48 AM 11-14-2013
Maybe a long shot, but does anyone have experience in what I am looking for. Done web searches, emails to product manufacturers, posted on other formus, etc. The answers I am getting are either extremely unhelpful/confusing, or the solution too complicated/expensive for my taste.

I have an outdoor “dusk to dawn” yard light which is connected to a standard light switch in my garage. Garage is heated and kept at a minimum 40 degrees F. Switch is single pole, and does have a neutral wire. The light itself is a 100W metal halide.

I want to replace that manual switch with a remote control one. I want to be able to turn the light on or off from a distance of up to 150 feet, through walls, etc. Basically, if I am inside the house, and want to turn of the light, I want to be able to do it without physically going out to the garage to the physical switch.

I purchased a Skylink WE-318 off of Amazon. It fails in one key aspect. When the photocell turns the “dusk to dawn” light off in the morning, the switch itself shortly thereafter also turns off. Therefore, that evening when the photocell wants to fire the light again, it cannot – since the switch itself is “off”. Thus defeating the purpose of a light that is supposed to turn on and off based on daylight. I suspect the switch I have installed is only able to stay on the “on” position if there is an active load. I need one that will stay on (or off) until I switch the status (either at the location of the switch, or via the remote control)

Is there any single product that satisfies my criteria?

dharel's Avatar dharel 10:24 AM 11-14-2013
fruitbat's Avatar fruitbat 10:35 AM 11-14-2013

thanks. came across the belkin solution before...but i dint want to have to bother with WiFi if I didn't have to...signal is pretty weak where the switch is. I might have to look into that option though. hadn't seen the Lutron solution. will have to read about it. thanks again.
haworld's Avatar haworld 12:00 PM 11-20-2013
Well not sure about one single product, but a Z-wave sensor with photoelectric built-in could send a signal to a zwave relay light switch easy enough. You would just need the switch, the sensor and a controller to program everything. I would be a little concerned about the range of 150', although I have heard zwave can go up to 300' outdoors with no interference. Here are some images for you, we have everything in our stores, and free shipping as well.

Hope this helps!
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