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nickCR 07-27-2014 11:23 PM

AC Control
Hello All

I was going to buy a NEST for Central AC to make things easy. But they are on backorder on amazon until Aug 4th, which gave me some time to research it and discover that I cannot set my location in the tropics so the outside weather won't be available. Not a major deal, but failure to provide a GeoFence feature has me looking at the Lyric which is about to be released on the 1st of Aug.

The GeoFence is a biggie as knowing who is in or out of the house should make a big difference on the power bill, especially here where Electricity is much more than in the US.. I did come accross the Filtrete / RadioThermostat options which definitely are pretty cool with their wide open API. Certainly makes building a home brew system more attractive, however in reality I don't have the time.

Anyone have any experience, suggestions on any of the above?

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