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blangstaff's Avatar blangstaff 08:16 PM 06-06-2007
I've been an X10 user for many years, and for many reasons am considering a switch to Insteon. Can someone please share experieneces with Insteon and CFL. I've phoned Insteon tech support and was told the two don't work together. When pressed a little, the tech said that some work and some conflict. He explained that some bulbs interfere with the signal. So am I making a mistake forcing the issue?

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AccessHA's Avatar AccessHA 08:51 PM 06-06-2007
I would take Smarthome's advice. Insteon generally does not play well with CFL.
MikeB1973's Avatar MikeB1973 04:31 AM 06-07-2007
Experiences seem to be mixed, and I believe X10 has the same potential issues. So if you're using CFLs with X10 and reliability is high, I believe you should be OK with Insteon as well.

Some CFLs cause excessive noise on the powerlines that can interfere with powerline signals. I believe some brands are simply worse than others, and depending on what else is going on in your powerlines it might be too much noise.

I personally have a bunch of CFLs installed, and my signal reliability is very high.
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