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Jay7's Avatar Jay7 01:47 PM 04-05-2012
I am not sure this exists. Let me tell you what I am trying to do. I am in need of an ipod dock with speakers for outside on my patio. I was looking at the beats by dre or the sony (can't remember the model). Then it hit me to look for something that has component out as well. The reason, I take the projector outside in the summer and I have an outdoor screen. That would allow me to watch netflix if I had the sound through the ipod dock and can send the video via component to the projector. Then I thought, I wonder if any have RCA in also. That would allow me to use the portable dock as speakers when I take the cable box out. This would be an easy one stop shop for me rather than what I do now which is lug out a heavy reciever and large outdoor speakers and hook it all up that way. If none have rca in for sound, I wonder if I can use an rca to 3.5 mm jack. I know sound goes from 3.5MM jack to RCA as that is how I connect the ipod to the receiver I have in the house. In this instance, I would need sound to go from the rca jacks on the cable box to a 3.5MM plug in the ipod dock (most have this option) to get sound from the cable box to the ipod dock.

Curious if anyone tried this or know if anything exists.

Jay7's Avatar Jay7 09:44 AM 04-06-2012
Lots of views. No replies. Is it because an ipod dock does not exist with component and RCA in or if no one knows if sound will travel from RCA out on cable box to 3.5mm jack on ipod dock? Anyone else have any other ideas to accomplish this task with ease of one unit?
firebook23's Avatar firebook23 02:29 PM 04-13-2012
Hey Jay7

the NAD VISO 1 has component video out and digital audio in. Would work well for your application.

here is my review of a few ipod dock including the NAD VISO 1
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