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Originally Posted by v.vvv View Post
Thank you I have the same issue on my LN46A550 and will try this and post if it worked for me.
For the record..... I didn't work for me.
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Originally Posted by hoffmanbike View Post
For the record..... I didn't work for me.
It didn't work for me either
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Does anyone have any service manuals for these sets? I've got a 46A550 that I need to do some work on.

A complete list of all capacitors would be most appreciated.
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Old 08-10-2015, 07:31 AM
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Originally Posted by rexb610 View Post
My 52A550 is started doing the power cycling thing. So looks like early signs of it dying. How do I know which capacitors to replace? Can anyone provide info? That would be great. I will also start shopping for my next TV..
Ok, so my tv stopped working the other day. My wife told me the tv was power cycling the whole day and never turned on, usually it will turn on after 5 minutes, then 15 a few days later, then 30, then a couple of hours, then last weekend to nothing. I took the tv apart, looked at the power supply board and found 4 capacitors blown (top is bulged and the others with black goo?). The capacitors blown are 2 x 470 uF and 2 x 820 uF. Went to a local Radioshack and couldn't fine a 820 uF capacitors so I went ahead and got 2 x 1000 uF instead. Also got a $15 soldering kit and $5 soldering wick (why so expensive but was very important). Removing and soldering in the new capacitors took me about 20 minutes including watching youtube videos on how to do it. I put the TV back and voila! It is up and running again and good as new! Took me about an hour, including watching youtube clips, driving twice to Radioshack and remove and install. All in all not a too difficult fix. Saved me a couple of hundred of dollars for a tv repair guy to come and fix it for me, i spent about $30 for all supplies and tools. I love my Samsung TV, I've had it since 2007 and plan to keep using it for a long time. I'm still in the market for a new TV (moving in to a new house) that will be in our living room and moving this tv to our bedroom.
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Old 02-27-2016, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by bryanviper View Post
Originally Posted by kevin_y View Post
Is my LN46A550 dying? This is what it sometimes does during power-up. It shows a discolored picture, turns itself off, and comes back on with the correct picture. Usually this happens when it has been off for a long time (10-24 hours). The problems seems to happen to all types of connections, from HDMI to antenna. I bought the TV in Fall 2008. It hasn't really had a problem until recently. This is the model with the "S" panel, which I believe is the good one.
Probably the common Bad capacitor issue. I replaced most of the capacitors on my motherboard due to the tv just clicking and not turning on. From what I have read Samsung used 10V capacitors on a 12v line. So when I replaced mine I got some good quality brand name capacitors that were rated for 25v. I basically tried to increase whatever capacitor I could and replaced them with good quality brand name ones even if they looked fine.

Its been close to a year now and its working great. Its time for you to open the tv and take a good look at the capacitors.
Just want to report that I finally had my TV fixed by this Ebay merchant. The capacitors inside my TV (on the brown circuit board) were actually fine, showing no bulging whatsoever (photo). So the merchant had me send him the green circuit board instead, the one with all the A/V ins and outs, and said he would replace some "SMD components" on it. From sending him the board to my receiving it took one week.

I bought the TV in Fall 2008 and first had the power on/power off problem in Fall 2014. I had heard that Samsung had once offered free on-site repair for this particular problem, but at that time my TV was fine. When I got the problem, Samsung had already stopped offering the service (I believe it ended Fall of 2013, a full year before I started having the problem).

My first workaround was turning on the TV with no video feed for 2 minutes, then putting the video feed back on, and it would be fine. Then 2 min became 5 min, then 10, ... and a year later, over 30 minutes. That was when I sought professional repair. I followed this guide on how to open up the TV to get the circuit board. It was not difficult.

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