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05-25-2008 | Posts: 152
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According to the manual for the LN40A650, the 40" and 46" 650 are NOT compatible with the WMN5090A Auto Wall Mount.

Well, I purchased the Auto Wall Mount prior to reading this...stupid me...i know.

Anyway, the model number on my mount was actually WMN5090AN.

The manual and all other documentation in the box was for a WMN5090A, but the model sticker on the mount was WMN5090AN.

So I decided to try it out anyway...and it worked.

So for anyone hesitating getting this awesome mount because of incompatibilities, just ensure that your mount is WMN5090AN (with the "N").

I presume this will also work with the 46" 650.

I can only assume that the regular non-N version will NOT work.

Hope this helps some people out.
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05-31-2008 | Posts: 64
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Thanks for posting this. I have the "N" at the end of the model number on the box for this and haven't had a chance to test it out yet with my LN52A750. Samsung tech support had no idea on the phone whether is would work or not.
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05-31-2008 | Posts: 290
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That mount is pretty we have one on lnt5281 at the MHT that I work at.
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06-02-2008 | Posts: 152
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ya...i like it. for my bedroom, it's essential. it's perfect for when i'm on my desk, but when in bed, the TV is way to the left. It's nice to have it angle towards me with a push of a button.

I just wanted to post my experience because of the fact that the manual stated that it doesn't work specifically with the 40" and 46" 650.
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06-03-2008 | Posts: 1,525
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Where is the cheapest place to get this mount?
coppertop's Avatar coppertop
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06-03-2008 | Posts: 152
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I'm not sure where is the best place to get it. I got it through a friend who works at Samsung (I previously worked there as well).

Who knows...with the niche nature of these types of high-priced accessories, you might soon find them going into clearance mode at some larger chains.
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12-29-2008 | Posts: 6
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We got ours through Amazon. It's the Teamex WMN5090AN; however, when the Auto Mount arrived, it was a Samsung box. There was nothing saying Teamex anywhere on it.
The LN52A550 has directions for using the Auto Wall Mount in the handbook, just after the specs pages.
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12-31-2008 | Posts: 6
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The LN52A550 is now using the WMN5090AN Auto Wall Mount. Very nice! With the three preset positions, you really don't have to do anything else to it after the initial setup...ok, if you have a batch of kids sitting on the floor...or might want to angle the set downwards for them. We don't have any glare issues to adjust for as the 550 doesn't have the glossy screen—which is the main reason we bought it rather than one of the "upgraded" lines.
FYI, the installation is not a one person job. The TV weighs 60 lbs without the base and the mount is substantial. Operation is smooth and quiet. When you power the TV down, the mount retracts automatically. On powering up, it returns to its last position. Really, very nice.
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01-22-2009 | Posts: 70
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See above ....
retails at $799 ... nice price at Second Act.
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