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06-20-2008 | Posts: 2
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I have a new Sharp Aquos LCD TV (Model LC-32GP1U) and to keep things short, here's my setup:

Input 3 - HD Cable box connected via composite cables
Input 4 - Xbox 360 connected via HDMI

I have a digital audio cable connected to the TV's digital optical audio output going to a cheap home theater receiver's digital audio input. The cable box works fine with my surround sound system, but the Xbox isn't producing any sound through it (only through the TV's speakers). Since the cable box works, I know it's not a home theater setup/digital audio cable problems. So what's the problem here?
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07-16-2008 | Posts: 89
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My optical out on my sharp LC-42D64U cuts out on certain channels.
TV speakers work fine. It must be something to do with the audio board on the TV.
On the phone with Sharp tech support now.
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07-16-2008 | Posts: 130
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On many larger Sharp TV's, you cannot use the TV to split the HDMI audio out over the optical. That optical out is solely for the ATSC tuner. I'm sure it has to do with copyright protection.

The TV should output audio over the 2-channel RCA jacks when you're giving it HDMI audio.
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09-09-2008 | Posts: 1
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How exactly do you setup the tv to send the audio out through the 2-channel audio output? I have tried every type of input type I can (hdmi, component, composite) and can't find any setting that allows audio output. I'm not sure if it's just not working or if I'm missing something obvious. (I have the 42d64u sharp)
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