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erzak's Avatar erzak 02:42 PM 02-09-2013
Originally Posted by Burnerbum View Post

I would try the power reboot. unplug the TV and hold in the power button for 30 seconds to drain any power left in it. It sounds simple but sometimes it helps. I don't know if static electricity builds up in them or what.

Or write down all your settings and do the main Reset from the menu. I know this one is a pain, but it can help also.

Not familiar with either of these. So unplug the TV, and hold down the power button on the left side for 30 seconds, then plug it back in and see if anything's changed? And this won't change any of the saved settings?

To get to the menu, do you mean the Factory Setup menu where you hold the 2 bottom buttons on the side down and then press 'menu' on the remote?

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sitlet's Avatar sitlet 12:20 AM 02-10-2013
If you unplug and hold the power down, that's just giving the tv a "refresh", like turning your computer off an on again. The reason you hold the power button is there is still power left in the capacitors, and it's quicker to hold the power button than to wait an hour. You should not lose any settings by doing this. Actually, I've had mine unplugged for days and not lost settings.

If that doesnt work, you can try a full factory reset. Hit menu, go to setup, go to factory reset (or system restore, not sure exactly what it's called). This will reset the tv to factory, and should clear up any software issues. You will lose settings, but it's water under the bridge if it fixes your problem.
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