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paulzoom's Avatar paulzoom 12:03 PM 08-29-2013
No, I'm in the US. I guess $400 isn't such a great deal after all. Not sure if I should just ride it out with my 46" A860 until it dies and just get one of the models recommended to replace it. So many decisions :-)

bestboy1's Avatar bestboy1 06:57 AM 06-07-2014
I went into service menu to set up Cal-Night and Cal-Day. I didn't see that option in the service menu. Does the 52A850 model not offer this option within the service menu?
adgrimes's Avatar adgrimes 11:08 PM 06-07-2014
I don't think so. I know i do use it on my F8000 though.
bestboy1's Avatar bestboy1 05:42 AM 06-08-2014

I am also using it on my F8000. Just curious if it was available on older models.
dfp's Avatar dfp 09:52 AM 06-08-2014
I've had an LN52A860 (with the blue Touch of Color bezel) since September 2008. I don't believe cal day/night was available back then. If it did, my friend, who professionally calibrated it, would certainly have mentioned it. Back then, I was just happy the model didn't show three footballs during a forward pass. smile.gif
de8212's Avatar de8212 07:32 PM 12-01-2014
Just got a new 65" Samsung 7150 so I've hung the 52" 850 series on the wall in the bedroom. Had to use the side hdmi 4 until I got some right angle port savers because the wall mount is low profile.

Anyway, tried to reach behind the TV and finagle them in there tonight. I bought 2 so I could connect a TiVo mini and a DVD player. Had a picture and sound for a minute but somehow swapping the longer hdmi cable to port #2 (I think I'm OCD) I lost picture and sound in the two back ports. Didn't try the third because my hands were killing me.

Could I have damaged the ports somehow? I didn't put a lot of pressure on the port savers that I know of. Power cycling didn't help. Might get someone to help me take it off the wall and try again tomorrow.

Btw port #4 was fine.
de8212's Avatar de8212 06:39 PM Yesterday
Am I the only one still using this tv?

New issue. Having a problem with a Sony bdp-s3200 blu Ray player. I think something weird is going on with my tv resolution or something. On hdmi 1 the 3200 is fine. On hdmi 2, when I first go to the 3200 the top corner of the screen says 720x480. The 3200 will play but a minute or so into whatever I'm playing, it will make this loud screech/crackle sound and go to a blank tv screen saying Mode not Supported. If I'm on hdmi 1 when the 3200 comes on it says 1920x1080 or whatever and everything works. that's why I think it's some weird resolution issue. So, it might be more of a tv issue but I've never had an issue with any other dvd or my panasonic blu ray player.

And I know I can just change the settings in my harmony to use hdmi 1 for blu ray and hdmi 2 for my tivo but it just concerns me why I have to do this.
paranoyd androyd's Avatar paranoyd androyd 10:06 PM Yesterday
Hah, this thread is a real blast from the past! I was posting in it early and often!

I remember this model vividly, it came with either the Red or Blue ToC and was the first true "super thin" LCD model. Funny thing was, it used a traditional CCFL backlight!

I really think it was this exact model that convinced Samsung to stick with the super thin sets and what eventually pushed them towards Edge-Lit LED.

Glad to read that some owners are still using them 7 years later!
etp's Avatar etp 02:55 AM Today
One of the best pictures period and still working. I have a 8000 in the family room but the 850 is in the bedroom.

Looking at the 4000K units but I am little gun shy until the product line for these stabilizes.
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