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Uziel's Avatar Uziel 09:02 AM 09-08-2008
I am looking at wall mounting my Bravia XBR tv (KDL-V40XBR1) on an external wall above my fireplace, and by my estimates I need at least a 12' power cord. I believe the stock power cord is only 3'. Is this cord just your standard PC monitor/tower power cable? Or is it a proprietary cable?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

frank_f's Avatar frank_f 09:11 AM 09-08-2008
Come on, it's a Sony, everything is proprietary...

Just kidding (maybe not). I'm not sure, but knowing Sony I'll bet they made it different than a standard PC power cable on purpose.

Have you thought of running power (via Romex cable) to an outlet behind the TV. Then just use the stock power cable into the new outlet.

I think having power cords that long are probably a code violation. So it might be hard to even find one that long.
Uziel's Avatar Uziel 10:53 AM 09-08-2008
I hadn't thought of it being a code violation. I will have to look at the possibility/cost of installing an outlet there, but if anyone is aware of other options I'd be glad to hear of them.
frank_f's Avatar frank_f 11:12 AM 09-08-2008
What about pluging the stock 3 foot cord into a 9 foot extension cord or surge protector?
frank_f's Avatar frank_f 11:26 AM 09-08-2008
Originally Posted by rgb32 View Post

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This TV uses a standard 3 prong IEC type power cable (e.g. power cable used for virtually all PCs and computer monitors in the US).

The manual for this TV shows on page 17 that the TV uses a standard power cable. So, you'd just need to pick up a decent gauge power cable with "14AWG/3" or "16AWG/3" printed on the power cable's jacket.

They sell 12' cables for laptop projectors that use that standard 3 prong power cable. Those projectors come with a 6' standard cable, but you can buy a 12' optional cable that sometimes people need when they ceiling mount the projector, or the projector is on a conference room table. Those are about 5 bucks on the internet.
Uziel's Avatar Uziel 12:10 PM 09-08-2008
Awesome, thanks everyone for your help.
Looks like I'll be grabbing this one:

$3 is alot better than paying for a new outlet. =)
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