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My HDTV Shuts itself OFF then it Turns On by itself. (Philips Samsung)

I hope this information is useful to anybody that is willing to view this post. I purchased a Philips 47 inch HDTV from Costco. It took a lot of effort and time to lug this big set home and set it up. It produces a beautiful HD picture and I was very happy. Then suddenly it turns itself off, then a few seconds later it turn itself back on. I was shock, the following days it did it again. I tried all means to solve this problem. Yet I was not successful. I also notice that some Samsung HDTV had the same problem. If you have a solution to this problem, please reply. Or if you would like to share a similar problem please reply to this thread.

I'm relisting this thread because I had some problem submitting it to the AVS server. Thank You (llabine) for your nice reply.

Purchased the following HDTV from Costco in Mountain View CA
Product: Philips 47 inch HDTV 1080P 120Hz
Model: 47PFL7403D/27
Serial Number: Y A 1 C 0824011735
Date Purchased: 28 June 2008

  • The HDTV we purchase has turn itself off and then turns itself back on.
  • It does this randomly. You just don't know when it will happen.
  • When it does happen you will hear a single click and then it goes off. Then a few seconds later you will hear a double click and it comes back on.

I called Costco Technical Support 1-866-861-0450 on 7-14-08.
I talked to George ID: 80236

Case Number: 753064

When I talked to George and gave him my information, he told me he never heard of that model number. We spent most of the time going in circles. And I knew it was a waste of time.

I also sent everything on this page to Philips: Online Customer Care Group
Email: (support at Online Customer Care Group on 7-17-08.
  • No reply

I called again Costco Technical Support 1-866-861-0450 on 7-19-08.
  • He did not give me a case number.
  • He dismissed the problem by saying it was a common problem with all HDTV.
  • He told me that it was probably the surge protector. I told him that the Surge Protector was a Quality protector that was purchase new at Costco. And that I tested it by plugging in other electronic devices without any problem.
  • It seems that this guy was giving me the run around.

Email Philips again on 7-22-08
  • Email: (support at Philips com) Online Customer Care Group on 7-22-08. They did not reply to email.

Called Philips Tech support on the phone
  • Called Philip Technical support on 25 July 2008. I spoke with Roberto. He said: unplug the HDTV set from the surge protector. Roberto gave me the Reference Number: 6R3F3.
  • Called Philip Technical support on 28 July 2008. I spoke with Clint. He gave me the new Reference Number: 6RFLM. Ask him what other things to check. He said try upgrade the firmware.
  • Still no solution to our problem.

Additional Information:
There are no power surges happening in the Condo. The unit is plug into a brand new Prime Wire Surge Protector (item 241745) which was purchase at Costco.

I tried unplugging the set for a few hours but I still have the same problem.

I tried removing the surge protector and plugging the HDTV directly into the wall.

None of the remote buttons are sticking. And I placed the IR Remote Control in another room.

The menu clock has not been set to turn on or off.

The set is not over heating and the vents are clear. The average room temperature is around 68 degree.

The only other thing I have connected is a new Philip DVD model DVP5992 with a HDMI cable.

The firmware loaded on the HDTV is: LC81ULP-1.11

On 30 August 2008, I upgrade the firmware from 1.11 to 1.13 and we still have the same problem.

I performed a Google Search on: HDTV turns itself off. & HDTV turns itself on. And this is what I found.

By: Technique

OK, the PCM hit me today in a VERY weird way... The TV turned itself ON for no reason... I know for a fact it was not something hitting the remote... I have been working at my laptop for the past hour, and the Philips just turned itself ON. The remotes are sitting on the table next to me, no one touched them.

Hopefully this will help Philips figure out what's going on...

My TV is connected to a large Tripplite UPS/AC Conditioner, so my power is clean. Front display is showing a steady 119V right now.

By: sdkwan

Hi Folks, OK is the PCM, Power Cycle Monster issue is when the TV will just shut off or in my case turn on by itself?

I have a new 52" 52PFL7403D/27 and a DVP5992 DVD player, both from Philips. The weirdest thing happened just before and it freaked me out cause it was late at night and I've shut off the TV and DVD player for the night. When putting my dog in her kennel, both my TV and DVD player turned back on by themselves. I dismissed the incident thinking it was cuz I stacked all of the remote controls on top of one another. But after I laid all of the remotes by themselves, it happened again; my tv and dvd player turned on by themselves.

Is it possible the remote controls are the culprit to the PCM issue? Both my TV and DVD player has the same remote hardware. meaning the remotes look almost identical. Maybe the remote power buttons are sticking a bit and at times activate, hence either turning the TV or DVD on or off depending on its

By: aliensrus Sep 2008

I've had a 52" for about a month and my daughter has had a 47" for about 3. Mine started power cycling right out of the box. Hers is doing it occasionally.

I called Philips tech support and they played dumb (unless they really haven't heard of it, which I doubt judging by the number of posts in this forum). I ordered a warranty repair, and the tech who came in said it was a scaler board that needed to be replaced. They ordered it, so I'm waiting for them to come in and install it.

As far as when it happened: in my case both with HD source (Dish, HDMI) and SD (DVD player, S-video). Happens every day, once every few hours, sometimes more often, sometimes less.

I'm new to this thread, but had anyone got any answer from Philips?

By: Stevej37

Had maybe 5 hours of use with my Samsung it's dead. While watching it last night, the volume on it's own went super high and crackly and then the tv shut down on it's own. This happened before I could even try to adjust the volume. Now it won't power on at all. Power light flashes then there is a sound of a relay trying to power the screen, then it repeats the cycle with no sign of any image or light. Called Samsung..they will contact nearest service center to make an appointment for service sometime in the next couple weeks..arhhh!! He said it sounds like the motherboard will need replacing..which will probably need to be ordered. Not happy at all here

By: astromusic

I had gone for 3 months, without any Power Cycling (I believe this is what is referred to as PCM on this thread, correct me). Finally last week I started getting it on my 47". Has happened about 3 times during the last week. Hope it gets fixed soon!

May 8, 2008

I've just bought a new 32" lcd tv which has started turning itself off and on and off and on. My previous one is still in the repair shop suffering from the same problem! am i just bloody unlucky? or is this just a common fault? OR could there be a wiring problem with my flat that is causing it?

posted by Jeremy99 Feb 20, 2008

My Sharp Aquos 37" LCD has been experiencing a problem where it turns itself off and back on at seemingly random times. Sometimes the TV will turn off and on several times and then the problem stops. Other times the tv will cycle on and off (several seconds to about a minute intervals) several times before the tv stays off. When this happens, the "Power" and "OPC" lights will be flashing in tandem. When the tv turns itself off and is in this state, the remote control has no effect and the power button on the tv has no effect. The only short-term fix I've found is to unplug the tv and plug it back in.

Comment by vinchenzison , posted Jul 09, 2008
I'm having the same problem on my 42 inch - Seems to be when inputting an HD signal. I get it whilst playing my xbox and loves to turn off and on mid battle of COD or GTA.
Really bugging me, have tried changing settings like power saving modes and other stuff but nothing seems to work. It happens randomly too.
It has never happened whilst watching DTV or analogue TV.
The TV is less than a 6month old too.

Comment by manuacos, posted Jun 06, 2008

Thank you all for the clarification. I've been having the same problem recently and my girlfriend and I almost went straight to a hotel thinking there was a spirit here or something - sounds silly, but at first look there was no logical explanation for this event.

Apr 22, 2008

... Story link: Philips 47PFL9732D 47-inch HDTV by Franz Bicar ... When the picture is turned on, this HDTV finds itself squarely in the middle ...

Jul 2008

My Samsung DLP Keeps Turning Off!
After my first post, I did some more online research and went to Samsung's website to read their FAQ. I was left with the impression that it was an overheating problem. Apparently these TV's are designed to turn off when they get hot.

So I pulled the back vent cover off for the lamp and looked inside. No real dust to speak off. Also, I was able to determine all the fans are working too. Vents are not blocked and, although the TV sits on a shelf in my built-in wall unit, there is about 12 inches of space behind it and it did not seem any warmer back there than the rest of the room. So overheating didn't seem like the obvious answer.

Then I read scoosdad's post (thanks! I was thinking this might be the problem). So I tried putting a piece of electricians tape over the IR remote receiver. Tried my remote and it wouldn't work so I figured it was blocked sufficiently. However, the TV set continued to turn itself off the next day -- albeit not as many times. After a few days of having the electrical tape on and the TV turning off a few times further, I figured IR interference is probably not the issue and took the tape off.

Here's the weird part. It hasn't turned itself off in about 2 days now...!

However, when I turned it off myself last night I could hear a buzzing sound that continued after the set turned off for a few seconds. Not sure if this is a fan problem or an indication that the lamp is no longer any good.

06-28-08, 05:53 PM

Philips 120Hz 2ms 7403/7603 Series Discussion - Page 58 - AVS Forum

Some people have experienced intermittent issues with the set spontaneously turning itself off and then on. The cause for this is as yet unknown. ... -

I have a quick question without reading thru all the pages. My brother is taling about going to Costco today to pick up the 47" Phillips that's on sale ending today. Can someone summarize the pros/cons of this set as described in this long thread? How does this set stack up against the Vizio or Samsung models? I usually read thru the threads here, but he's coming over soon so I don't have the time. Thanks.
Answer 1
Although the component Costco HD feed was horrible, I got a quick idea of what this TV can and can't do. The brightness and picture quality are comparable to the Sammy and Sony they had. Maybe not quite as good, but very close. The blacks were not as good, but for the price they were good enough. I took advantage of the $300 off coupon and took this baby home.

1. The "best" Samsung models all have glossy screens. If that is OK with you, you may want to look at the Sammys.
2. The Philips has 2ms screen refresh, which beats out ALL competition by a long shot. This means no "smearage" on fast scenes.
3. The 120Hz, good motion compensation, and 10-bit screen, all lead to a very good looking PQ on the Philips.
4. Some people have seen a defect called Green Line of Death or GLoD, where you see a green line on the screen. It is expected that an upcoming firmware relase will fix this, on the theory that the GLoD happens due to a firmware glitch when you turn off the DNM (motion comp), but it doesn't actually get fully turned off with the old firmware.
5. Some people have experienced intermittent issues with the set spontaneously turning itself off and then on. The cause for this is as yet unknown.

* The Costco price is unbeatable for a set of this feature level. And, if you decide you hate it you have 3 months to return it.
Answer 2
My 7403 just did the spontaneous shut-off/turn-on thing that a few others have mentioned this morning. Only happened once (so far), but it was somewhat disquieting.

Mar. 21, 2008 @ 5:52p

Just FYI BJ's wholesale club has offered the tv at the same price for past 3 months. I had issues with this model, it makes a high pitch buzz even when it is off and also sounds like it is turning on/off when it is off. Exchanged it and experienced the same problem again. There have been a couple reviews with same problems. Buyer beware!

Comment by arelliczar, posted on Jul 27, 2008

my jvc 32'' tv turns on and off by its self and changes the channels and volume its crazy i unplugged it for like 3mo last summer and when i tried it again nothing seemed to be wrong with it now it is doing the same thing again how do i fix it.

Comment by Guest, posted on Jul 12, 2008

SAmsung has a manufacturer's defect with their tv's that are shutting off by themselves - samsung will not admitt this to the public but rest-assurred I have access to inside information. The TV's need to be taken in for service with a good quality tech.

Comment by zoey6106, posted on Jun 14, 2008

My tv keeps turning off after 30 seconds and sometimes after an hour. I have tried other outlets and it still continues to turn off- What causes this to happen and should I just dump it and buy another tv


Lately my Hitachi 43 UWX10b has started to turn itself on and off randomly.
I have programmed the tv sleep mode to turn off after 30min. and it did. Only to get up in the middle of the night to find the set has turned itself on.
Apparently this has happened a few times.
Have I got a serious (expensive) problem here?
I had to have the convergence ic's replaced just a few months ago, now this.

My Hitachi television turns itself off. After sitting for a few minutes you can hear a click in the set. Sometimes it will come right back on and other times it will take longer. What could be wrong?.


I had the same problem 1 year ago with a Sharp TV, it would just turn itself off and back on into standby. Found the problem was the fuse in the mains plug.

By: Vikki 01-26-07

RCA HDTV Monitor Turns On & Off
When I turn the tv on it goes off and then comes on and goes off twice by itself. I have had it unplugged for atleast 2 months and went and plugged it back in and turned it on and it came on and went off, came on went off, came on went off and that is all it is doing. So I unplugged it again and came here. Television Information Model # D52W20

By: rags77 01-26-07

Very fustrating to say the least. Also I dont know if you get this or not but the tv when turning on and off during those 3 times, chirps like a bird sorta like a whistle..
I, Like you, hope someone can help. Good Luck too

By: Kanukzfan 02-12-07

Hey! I am having the same problems Vikki if you could let me know what the outcome was if you had to have it repaired and what it cost to get it done that would be great! thanks!

Date: Feb 2007

My 47-7403D has done the phantom power cycling thing twice tonight. First time we've seen it. Running 1.11, purchased three weeks ago at Costco. Has anyone gotten an acknowledgment from Philips that they're aware of this problem?

Mar 15, 2007

Pros: Picture is awesome, Ambient Light feature is really cool
Cons: TV repeatedly turns itself off, then back on while trying to view...anything.
Review: I purchased the TV through Philips on-line store. It was considerably less expensive than anywhere else and they were running a promotion for free shipping and set up. The ambient light feature, which I thought was kind of a gimmick when I saw the ...

Posted on Saturday, March 25, 2006 - 05:27 pm

I just purchased a Vizio P42 HDTV this week. It is turning itself off about every 15 minutes or so. The Sleep Timer is OFF. I changed the power connections, I even took the batterys out of the remote to see if it was sending a bad signal. It is still happening. Naturally with a box as big as a 42" TV , I threw it away. Any suggestions ?



I have a Panasonic HDTV ready, big screen tv that shuts off intermittently, sometimes twice an hour, sometimes not for hours at a time.

Overheating does not seem to be a factor.

the model number is PT-51HX40B
Serial Number is MY03470034

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Phillips television keeps turning itself off
My Phillips television set keeps turning itself off. It also has a blue screen just before it turns itsself off. The indicator light also keeps flashing on and off when it should be solid.
Is this a fault with my television,or is it a fault with the power supply?

Mar 2006

Philips 47PFL5522D - 47" Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV - With Freeview .... 2006 after 5 weeks it developed a fault it kept turning itself off march 2006 after ...

By Holly C (29/02/2008) Philips 37
Pros: Decent picture
Cons: Turns itself off/on several times a day
Decent value for money if you don't mind missing a key scene in a movie once in while. The TV turns itself off and then on several times a day for about 15 seconds a go.
Was this review helpful to you?

July 30, 2006

states outright that, if the tv overheats, it will turn itself off until it is properly cool. Those of you whose tvs are completely turning themselves off - is your tv properly ventilated? It is quite stringent about leaving plenty of airspace around the set and not putting it near any heat source

Posted: 2006-10-28 by Jon

Phillips / Magnavox LCD TV
After numerous unproductive calls to the Magnavox Customer Support Line and as a last resort I have written a letter to Magnavox to demand a full refund for an LCD TV Magnavox LCD, Model: 32MF1D/37 Serial: BZ3A0609170320. I purchased this TV on 4/21/2006. The TV began having issues on 6/15/2006. The unit would not respond to the remote or to manual commands. The unit would turn off periodically by its self and/or the screen would go blank with the power remaining on. I have taken this TV to two separate repair shops. The TV sat in the first repair shop for a month and a half July 2nd thru September 1st,

Posted: Terry

I too bought a Phillips LCD TV. Model number 42MF521D. Within 6 months the tv had issues with the power shutting off on its own. Then the last time it did that and will not come on at all. The power board is fried. When I called Magnavox I did get help and they have sent an authorized repairman to my residence to solve the issue. My only complaint about the call center is that the people that work there seem uneducated and lazy (the way that they talk on the phone and handle business over the phone). Sounds like a bunch of hungover college students that do not want to help. But they are replacing the faulty power board in the tv at no cost.

Judging from the information I found on the web, the problem could be cause by the following items.
Replace the bulb.
Replace the thermal switch.
Replace the power source.
Replace the mother board.
Replace the fan.
Bad assembly by the manufacturing plant.

What I like about this product?
  • The TV produces a beautiful HD picture. Sports and Action Scenes are outstanding.
  • The Sound is great.
  • Plenty of Plug in Ports
  • Costco generous 3 month return policy. Their return policy is excellent.

What I hate about this product?

Philips and Costco Technical Support
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Wrong attitude towards customers
  • Lack of technical knowledge to solve the customer problem
  • The Frame around the LCD screen is highly reflective. You can see your reflection when you sit in front of the screen. And any external light source like windows will appear around the frame.
  • Having to lug this big anchor back to Costco

Thank You for taking the time and viewing this information.
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Cliff Notes?

Just return/exchange it to Costco if you're within 90 days, no sense in getting it worked on unless you're outside of 90 days.
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Definitely get that thing the heck out of there.
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Updating the firmware did not solve the problem.

What issues are solved by a software upgrade?
The latest software solves the issues below:
1. Digital Natural Motion feature is turned ON but it shows OFF in the TV menu.
2. No picture, no sound & no back light but LED is turned ON when the TV wake up from standby mode.
3. Picture expanded vertically in digital channel.
4. Incorrect clock information update.
5. Jiggled image with the SD signal source (480i/480p) in AV1, AV2 and PC mode.
6. No video after Play Station 2 console system reset.
7. Picture expanded vertically with the HDMI source, 1080p 60Hz, 16:9 widescreen format.
8. Picture a little bit blur (Scaling artifacts) in PC mode, 1080p 60Hz input.
9. Picture format changing too frequently during movie playback
10. Intermittent picture flicker on white background at high contrast level. (Only applicable for 52" models)
11. Intermittent picture lost when poor video signal is connected through AV1 or AV2 inputs.
12. TV menu shifted horizontally to the right when viewing PAL 50Hz signal from either the AV source or Off-air transmission. (Only applicable for 42 & 47 models).
13. Picture and TV menu shifted horizontally to the right when viewing PAL 50Hz signal from either the AV source or Off-air transmission. (Only applicable for 52 models).
14. Faint image is still visible for a few seconds after TV is turn off.
15. Improvement on motion picture judder when Digital Natural Motion menu is turned ON.
16. Improvement on start-up problem.
17. Solved system hang when MPEG header information is not present.
18. Solved audio profile setting problem.
19. Performance improvement on motion judder related to film mode content.
20. Solved digital channel lost problem.
21. Solved AVL not working issue.
22. Solved automatic clock not working issue.
23. Solved occasional software upgrade failure via USB.
24. Solved color space error for PC/HDTV modes with 720p 60Hz input.
25. Solved child lock after bug when used with Automatic clock.
26. Solved remote control lockup due to HDMI CEC address discovery.
27. Performance improvement on motion judder related to film mode content.
28. Solved plop sound during channel changing with set top box.
29. Solved set does not output Dolby digital stream on SPDIF OUT.
30. Solved headphone volume goes to maximum when changing delta volume.
31. Implementation of Automatic Format Detection (AFD).
32. Correction of non-linear stretching for Automatic on 4:3 sources.
33. Solved channel map erased issue.

Notice: The latest upgrade has no mention of solving the problem of the TV turning off and on by itself.

Thank You for your reply.

Yes we did return the HDTV to Costco. I will wait a while before I buy another.
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Familiar problem. Yesterday exchanged my 52' Philips TV at Costco for exactly same model. (I just like this TV). Guess what? It already turned off and back on once, just like my previous TV was doing. Now I know, it is "normal" for this model.
Philips Tech Support told me the problem could be due to automatic clock setting. TV is looking for a channel that sends a clock signal and if not found, resets - turns off. Well, it's not the case. I turned off auto clock but TV kept doing same thing. New TV is no different.
I'll keep this TV for a while and then decide what to do, maybe it'll heal itself . I still have time to return it.
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Originally Posted by yevvy View Post

Familiar problem. Yesterday exchanged my 52' Philips TV at Costco for exactly same model. (I just like this TV). Guess what? It already turned off and back on once, just like my previous TV was doing. Now I know, it is "normal" for this model.
Philips Tech Support told me the problem could be due to automatic clock setting. TV is looking for a channel that sends a clock signal and if not found, resets - turns off. Well, it's not the case. I turned off auto clock but TV kept doing same thing. New TV is no different.
I'll keep this TV for a while and then decide what to do, maybe it'll heal itself . I still have time to return it.

The Samsung 650 series had a lot of problems with this when it was first released. Lots of different setting were tried trying to narrow down the problem (including the clock).

The problem was ultimately resolved with a firmware update from Samsung.

The 61 series I have did this once when new, but have not seen it since...
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my R87 samsung TV did/does this. It happens when I am playing on my xbox via HDMI and have my sound going out to my speakers via the optical out.

Now I simply connect to my speakers straight from the xbox, it hasn't reset once since
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If you are within warranty just return it. Might consider getting a diffrent brand also seems like this is a common problem.
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To paraphrase what someone on another thread said, Phillips keeps their best TV's for the overseas market and sends the US their crap. Looks like a true assessment in this case.
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Some Philips LCD models here in US have the capability of both 120v and 220v supply operation. Does it mean that they are not only for the US market i.e. possibly better quality?
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Firmware 1.15 posted there fixes the Off then On problem you describe...

Following issues were solved.
• TV turns OFF and ON by itself randomly when viewing TV and AV channels.
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Same TV Philips 47PFL7403D/27, same problem.
I will install the new FW LC81ULP-1.15 as soon I'm home. I hope this will fix it.

Just to another comment... I don't believe that Philips has different quality standards for different markets. This model is available on different markets just technically modified to meet the different countries needs.
I know that Philips TVs on the European markets have the same technical issues. Interesting is that Philips TVs have quite often problems with sudden turn off / turn on by themselves (even with the "old" CRT models 10 years ago). Today it is possible to fix certain electrical tolerance levels just with firmware updates. 10 years ago you had to replace resistors or whole circuit boards.

It is not like buying a BMW, Mercedes, Audi or Volkswagen. Because the cars sold on the U.S. markets didn't meet the quality standards (there is nothing wrong with the car but there might be just some cosmetic issues not even recognizable for the normal customers) for the European markets.
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Same problem here 32inch LCD tv from Phillips with pixel plus (whatever that is ), when i start watching it will work for about 30 minutes, then poof it turns off, 5 secs later turns back on. After the first time it does this it will continue doing this every 2 minutes or less, on and off. I did install the firmware update but its still doing this. Also the newest update for my tv is 1.5 yrs old. People are still complaining of this after the update.

I took the TV apart see if it was dusty in there or maybe a dead fan or something. I thought this was heat related since after cold start it would work for 30 minutes or so before it started its on/off cycle. But nothing, inside is clean with no dust build up or anything.

I am about to say screw the name brands and go to w-mart to buy a vizio or something. This Phillips tv is unbearable, it will turn off and on every 2 minutes. Ive had it for 16 months so no warranty or nothing. But Ill never buy anything phillips again.
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I just bought my Philips 47PFL7403D from Sams Club. From their selection it was best Price/Value model that had 120hz feature. I do have the latest firmware but my problem is that the TV will turn on ramdomly only when I'm using my old Toshiba laptop.

At first it maybe my laptop's wireless network adapter sending out a signal which coincides with the TV remote's "ON" button frequency. So I switched off my wireless lan on the laptop but the problem still continues.

This is very strange. I will need to try troubleshooting this another way. Meantime I just switch off my Surge Protector that the TV is plugged into. I guess I'm lucky this is only happening when my laptop is ON. I can't imagine dealing with a OFF/ON problem while watching a brand new TV.

Anyone else share my Auto ON problems....?
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I recently purchased a Philips 52PFL7403D/F7 from Sam's Club and love it. Just started experiencing the random "on" feature. The firmware was the most recent so that's not the problem. I did set the time to manual but still the random "on" continues.

It seems to coincide with an incoming text message on my iPhone. Crazy I know. TV turns on, then 2 seconds later, a text message comes in. Happened 3 times just like that.

Hoping to find a solution here. If this continues, I'll just return it and get another to see if that might help.

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Guys, for this tV set I have found that some remote controls from other equipment will trigger a power on. Everytime I go to the meno on my onkio 703 receiver it triggers the tv on. But the TV is great for the price paid..this is the only isue I'd had with it and it only happens with my onkio remote going to the receiver menu as for example changing "speaker settings". The on-off problem was resolved for most people with release 1.15
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Originally Posted by MarTT View Post

I recently purchased a Philips 52PFL7403D/F7 from Sam's Club and love it. Just started experiencing the random "on" feature. The firmware was the most recent so that's not the problem. I did set the time to manual but still the random "on" continues.

It seems to coincide with an incoming text message on my iPhone. Crazy I know. TV turns on, then 2 seconds later, a text message comes in. Happened 3 times just like that.

Hoping to find a solution here. If this continues, I'll just return it and get another to see if that might help.


It's come up a few times that the IR ports on laptop computers cause these and other TV's to turn on. When people move the laptops from the room with the TV, they no longer have the problem.
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It's come up a few times that the IR ports on laptop computers cause these and other TV's to turn on. When people move the laptops from the room with the TV, they no longer have the problem.

Thank you - yes I do recall seeing that in this thread. The night I posted I was working on my work laptop near the TV so that could be the culprit.
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Similar problem, started today. My 50" Sony LCD TV in the living room started cycling on and off for no apparent reason. I tried most of the above solutions with no luck. Finally I gave up, disconnected it and replaced it with my 32" Sony LCD from the bedroom. That tv immediately started doing the same exact thing. Thinking now it might be a power line problem I got a long extension cord and plugged it into an outlet from another room. It still cycled on and off. I then picked the tv up and started to carry it back to the bedroom. It suddenly powered back on and stayed on this time. Strangely I found that if I moved the tv back to the original spot in the living room the problem began again. Moved it away, it stopped. What could be causing this strange behavior in only one spot in the room?
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cover the IR receiver, use on-the-set controls... and see if it still does the ON-OFF-ON thing...

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After reading through this thread. hahaha

I have the Phillips 52" 52PFL7403D/27 from Cosco. Anyhow, I have had this TV for about 6 months and absolutely love it, accept tonight my wife called me telling me the TV keeps turning on by itself after she turns it off. I tried turning it off and it just kept turning back on by itself.

Well, I downloaded the firmware update (from Technique's post)but I wanted to check the current version of firmware on my TV first and didn't know how. I hit the FORMAT button on my remote (thinking this would show me the firmware ) and saw that the format was set to AUTOMATIC (which changes my TV format back and forth depending on the program we are watching, kinda annoying)

Anyhow, I switched it thinking it might be the cause because it fluctuates back and forth to different formats. I set it to WIDESCREEN because that is how I like it. I turned it off...Guess what that thing never turned back on until I hit the power button on the remote to turn it back on. It works normal again!

I got really, really REALLY lucky, and I wouldn't have stumbled onto to it without you all and this forum. Well I might have, who knows?
I registered just to share this fix with all of you and hope it helps out some of you as it has helped me. Thank you AVS Forum! Good luck everyone!

Alan S.
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Hi all,
Thought I'd register to add my two cents. I've read through this whole string and I've had similar problems. Funny thing is that we purchased our TV from Costco back in 2006, and we've only been having the ON/OFF by itself problem since this past week. I should note, and this might be quite coincidental, that we are in the process of putting an addition to our home and so they are working on electrical. There was one day last week that they actually had to turn the power off in the house for them to work, and since then it has never been the same.

I checked the Philips support site and found the newest firmware, and upgraded the TV. It still was going off/on by itself. So thinking that when I started the upgrade and walked away that it might have gone off during the process, I tried it again this time manually, still the same.

I've tried some of the other things mentioned here in this forum such as unplugging the TV, dusting behind the set (which by the way is sitting on one of those 3 tier glass shelves that Costco was selling, so there's a lot of space around it so not overheating.) I checked the format button on the remote, and set the time manually, but still no luck, in fact the TV just went off again.

I didn't see any updated post from one of the other members who said that he requested a warranty repair and the tech came out and basically told him that it was a scaler board. Just wondering if that solved the problem. I'm guessing the scaler board is much like a mother board for the TV. In any case, since the problem seems to cross brands and models, I'm guessing that if it is a scaler board problem, then all these TV manufacturers must have gotten their scaler board from the same manufacturer. In any case, I suppose I have to wait till Monday to actually call to see how much this is going to cost me to repair. I knew I should have ordered the extended warranty on this, maybe I did, but just gotta find the papers. Good luck everyone with the problem, I won't actually be able to return the product since we purchased it a while ago.

If anyone had a fix would really like to know because this is getting very irritating.
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Not sure if this helps, but years ago i had a sharp tv set that would randomly turn itself off and randomly turn itself on. When it would do this the remote would also not work, nor would any of the front buttons on the set itself. other times it was fine.
I took it apart and changed the crystal and fixed the problem.
this was not a hd or lcd tv so maybe no help.
good luck.

also, check solder joints on power supply board, and if you hearing a buzzing sound like someone mentioned and its possible to take the back off you can try spraying some compressed air around on the circuit boards while the tv is powered on. if its a leaky cap or something the buzz should go away when it gets sprayed with the cold air.

good luck
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Hi everyone. First let me thank you for the suggestions about infrared. In short, that was my problem.

So we just bought this TV (Phillips 47" LCD, from Walmart) last week, and it has been working fine until tonight when it started randomly turning itself on while me and my wife were working on our laptops. So I Googled the problem and found this thread. I read through and got to the post about the infrared on some laptops causing problems. We had both worked in front of the TV before with our laptops but tonight I was doing some repair work on an old Thinkpad in addition to the two systems we normally use. Well, neither of our systems have infrared, but as it turns out, the Thinkpad does. So I promptly turned the laptop infrared away from the TV and it hasn't happened since. That was about 4 hours ago, and it was turning itself on about every thirty seconds. Just wanted to say thanks for pointing me in the right direction! And btw, other than this little incident, I love this TV (so far)!
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we just bought a Philips 32 inch TV it turns off on its OWN
after 2 Hours
it does NOT Turn on though by its self

the Sleep Timer is OFF

we have had this TV 3 days and it did this
Got it NEW from Future Shop

Philips Customer service is a JOKE
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i have recently bought a phiilips lcd 47 inch that also had this restarting problem.
how i rectified it, ....
reset tv to factory settings, deleted all extra components settings for satelite ,computer game consoles etc so it was flat basic.
i dropped the contrast setting down to 75
this seems to have solved my problem ,now for 2 days have had no issues at all

i was speaking to a technician from the shop i bought this set from who has had this same problem with many sets, he claimed its a built in feature in some tv'a, true? i dont know but once i dropped my contrast setting i had no more restarting problem caused by the set overheating.overhet is caused by contrast so i was told. as ive said, ive had a clear run for 2 days now so fingers crossed

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