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displaced80's Avatar displaced80 01:48 PM 09-24-2008
Hi everyone,

I've had a Samsung LE32R78xxx for about 18 months. It's been fantastic until recently when it's developed a darkening patch. Whilst I'm arguing the details about a possible replacement with the retailer, I thought I'd look around at what's available these days (with an eye on the Samsung LE32A457)

I'm looking for a bit of advice on what I should be on the look-out for. For example, I was careful when I got my current TV to ensure it had one of the 'good' panels (Sammy had been playing that nasty game of slipping lower-quality panels into the same model). Is that sort of thing still an issue with the current range?

The sort of specs I'm looking for are:
  • 32" minimum
  • 720p and a good viewing angle. 1080i/p isn't necessary, but if it's definitely worth it (considering the rest of these points), I'll go for it.
  • 1:1 pixel mapping when a computer is connected via VGA (or if possible, HDMI/DVI - my current TV only handles standard HD resolutions via DVI)
  • Good quality panel. Whilst I'm happy to accept middle-of-the-road SD quality, I want HD sources to look impressive (given the price bracket)
  • Preferably a Samsung although I'm open to suggestions
  • Don't care in the slightest about built-in audio
  • Good performance with games (e.g., my current non-HDMI Xbox 360 looks just great on my current TV via VGA)
  • Upper price limit is about £550, but I can be persuaded to go to £650 if there's a good value-for-money reason
  • SD should be 'acceptable' - I'm happy to watch my SD Sky satellite TV with a less-than-stellar image, as long as the Xbox and my decent upscaling DVD player looks nice

I think my real fear is getting a new unit that's in some way not as good as my current TV. As I said, I've really enjoyed my R78 -- it's just a shame this -- albeit minor -- problem has arisen. My mate's actually said they'd give me £200 for my TV since they're not bothered by the mark.

Thanks for any and all help!


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