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ahofle's Avatar ahofle 08:12 PM 12-02-2008
I just received a Samsung LN52A650 last night and everything seemed to be perfect. I tried an HD Camcorder via HDMI connection as well as HD cable and everything looked superb. Tonight I was watching a hockey game and all of a sudden I see these horrid horizontal lines all over the place. I get them on every input and they seem to be concentrated around bright areas. Even on the menus and over the air inputs they are there. Nothing I've tried seems to make a difference. I called Ultimate Electronics, who delivered it, and the guy starts yapping about possibly needing some $200 Monster line conditioner LOL. So someone is supposed to come by tomorrow with one. I am assuming that is definitely not the problem though and was wondering if this is indicative of a bad panel? I'm a little concerned because everything was perfect and then all of a sudden this started. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Jakeman02's Avatar Jakeman02 09:08 PM 12-02-2008
I would say it's a defective set if you've tried troubleshooting using different inputs and different sources and it's happening on all of them, plus the fact it was working fine without the holy monster conditioner and all of the sudden doesn't now of rules that out.
ahofle's Avatar ahofle 09:29 PM 12-02-2008
Well I am totally confused now. I tried two other outlets with a heavy gauge extension cord and saw the same noise. I then waited a while and plugged it into a third outlet and it looked perfect again. I put it into the other two outlets immediately (including the one that it was plugged into when I took the pictures) and it still looked fine. A few minutes later it started again and is doing it in all outlets. AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGH!!!!
I can't find any rhyme or reason as to why and when this happens. I just know it's going to work perfectly when the service guy comes out and I'll be left looking like a schmuck.
How many people need to use a line conditioner for their flat panel TVs? I've never had any issues with other TVs in this spot.
bjfoien's Avatar bjfoien 11:01 PM 12-02-2008
Tell them to forget the Monster line conditioner, just bring out a replacement 650!
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