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minasodaboy's Avatar minasodaboy 06:53 PM 01-25-2009
Today I saw the Magnavox 32mf338b for a KILLER deal at target. I don't want to post the exact price, but it is considerably less expensive than any other 32" LCD I've seen on the market. I'm not looking for the best TV out there and at the price and size this will definitely do.

My question though is whether or not any one has any experience with this. I know that it is a great deal and like I said, I'm not expecting or looking for the best TV ever, but I don't want to spend any money on something that people have had terrible issues with.

So, anyone had any issues/thoughts?


Magnavox 32mf338b

32" LCD, 2 HDMI, components, etc etc.

bighick's Avatar bighick 04:59 PM 01-26-2009
Ya, I am getting ready to go into town and deciding between that and the dynex at BB for $20 more. I know dynex is a cheap brand but me and many others on this forum have been happy with it. But I do have an old 26" magnavox CRT that it will be replacing that I have been using for about 10 years.
I tell you what, you buy that I buy the dynex and we will compare and return the worse of the 2
moytoy12's Avatar moytoy12 10:16 PM 01-26-2009
Just picked it up today and hooked it up to cable via coaxial between the wall and TV. I can't say I'm too impressed with the 8ms refresh rate (never have had an LCD tv before). There is definitely some blurring and I doubt this tv will be great for sports (this is my wife's tv, so sports won't be an issue).

The menu interface/channel changing response is slow in terms of response time, but simple and I prefer simple.

These are only my first impressions based of 5-10 minutes of viewing. The HD picture looked nice, but only viewed what I could see via the tuner. I want to test this set with the HD cable box and see how it goes. My first impression with this set given picture quality and price is about a 6.
bighick's Avatar bighick 10:11 PM 01-27-2009
Over the air tv is the best picture possible (besides blu-ray). I went with the dynex havent hooked er up yet.
STEELERSRULE's Avatar STEELERSRULE 08:14 PM 05-19-2009
This TV is now available at my Best Buy for just under $363. Do you think it is worth it?

I am very limited on space, and this will not be a main TV.

I am looking at this and a Sharp LC32SB24U since these are the two that "should" fit in my entertainment center since I am limited on width (about 30.5", "maybe" 30.6" in width), but is a big increase in price(a plus is that the TV controls are on top of sharp).

Which would you get?
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