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04-19-2009 | Posts: 2
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2 Months out of warranty and monitor dies -- Gateway has said GET LOST -- they don't even have numbers or names for who repairs these -- XHD 3000 30 inch has dead left side took to Best Buy they looked at me like I was from Mars -- JUST WHO ON THIS GOOD EARTH REPAIRS THIS NIGHTMARE???
WHO??!! Gateway doesn't know or even care -- I have never in my entire life have ever seen or witnessed such absolutely godawful LOUSY customer service ever -- these cretins just want you to buy buy buy and then get lost -- the components are bad and they break at about the 13 month point -- if you dare buy this monstrosity ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY as God is my witness buy at whatever cost a 3 year extended warranty -- Gateway will offer ZERO help.
I ask the general populace -- WHO WILL REPAIR THIS ANIMAL? Not Best Buy -- SOMEBODY on the planet must know something??! I want to shell the gateway service center with Nuclear Artllery -- how they stay in business is beyond me. The price on this POS has been dropping steadily I guess their business model is -- Buy the thing + EXTENDED WARRANTY at 3 year+ change mark after its died three times and been repaired -- REPLACE.
Rinse and Repeat as needed.
Am I the only one? Or are there others -- other survivors who wander aimlessy thru the night -- with half dead monitors -- seeking solace and safety in whiskey shooters and beer kegs?
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04-19-2009 | Posts: 5,154
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04-20-2009 | Posts: 304
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Wow Thomas I hope that felt good because I am right along with you on things that break and useless support for the customer...I feel your pain...Gateway should be ashamed of themselves...they are trying to make a comeback ...treating their customers like you disrespectfully is not the way to achieve this...

So pour me a beer and a whiskey shooter ....time to say adios to Gateway....your experience has accomplished this...I will never buy their products....
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04-21-2009 | Posts: 50
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This is the exact same thing that happened to my Gateway 30inch 2 months after the end of the warranty! Best Buy thought I was crazy as well. They wouldn't accept it for anything. Their codes even say don't accept the monitor. Gateway directly won't support it either, not even for a fee! No local repair person will touch it. Absolutely horrible. I was able to get Fry's Electronics to accept it to look at it for $80 and I just heard that they want $375 to repair it today. I feel like I'm stuck again. I want a 30inch monitor but I feel uncomfortable investing another $400 into this monitor.

Have you had any luck yet with repairs?

I did a video of my broken monitor, but they won't let me post a url here. In google search for creativeoutlethobbie youtube gateway.
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06-11-2009 | Posts: 23
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Mine died today after 1 year and 1month.
Right side of screen is fine, goes to brown in middle and not viewable on left side.
Gateway basically said i'm SOL since I did not get the warranty. No help on where I can send or take it to get it repaired. Last 2 places I called around town won't touch it.

Either stay away from this monitor or get a 2+ year warranty.
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08-01-2009 | Posts: 1
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My gateway did the same thing. I would imagine we can get a class action suit against them. I think Asus has taken over Gateway but am not sure. Whomever it is though, has taken on a huge problem. For what we paid for these things, I am sure we all expect more than a year of usage. I am beyond shocked at the actions of this company. I found a place that will repair it, 375 was first quote then they called back and said they cant get used parts so it was going to be 675 instead. Now they don't know if they can do it at all - its only 1000 to buy a new one. Not that I would give that company another cent... POS is an understatement.
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10-13-2009 | Posts: 1
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I've got the same issue with my GATEWAY XHD3000. Black on the left side, dark in the middle, and clears up on the right. To me this appears a simple fix of the backlight, but i've not taken mine apart yet to look at it. I was supposed to be covered under a 2 year circuit city warrenty, but when I tried to call the now bankroupt company, they told me they honor their warrenties, but could not find any part of the company that will work on the over 27" monitors, hence, NOTHING YET! And I paid them and extra $200.00 dollars for this piece of S#@%!

I hope someone finds a service manual, and we can at least order a repair part. I'll keep looking on line, since so many of us are having this issue, someone one somewhere must have a solution!

Thanks people!
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10-26-2009 | Posts: 192
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I'm in the exact same boat. Mine happened 2 months after the warranty ran out. It started out w/ a green...haze or cloud that smears the edges of anything that was on the screen.

Then, the left half of the screen has now become totally unusable and it fades from brown to black.

I called Gateway...not only do you have to pay for their support time in advance in 15 min. intervals, but when I said it was 14 months old, this the response, "It's out of warranty, nothing we can do. Good bye."

For the love of all that is good and holy, stay away from Gateway!
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06-08-2010 | Posts: 2
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Made a low quality YouTube Video about it too.
But I can't post the URL here. Oh well.

It's the main IC located on the TCON board. The BGA solder connections are faulty and need to be reflowed. I won't go into how to do that, use Google if you're not familiar with BGA.
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06-11-2010 | Posts: 5,483
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contact this seller. I believe he repairs them. Tell him Aleic sent you !!
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06-22-2010 | Posts: 9
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just getting my 3 posts in so I can post helpful links
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06-22-2010 | Posts: 9
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just getting my 3 posts in so I can post helpful links

I do have a working solution with links.
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06-22-2010 | Posts: 9
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just getting my 3 posts in so I can post helpful links
Here is the final one.
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06-22-2010 | Posts: 9
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Hi I posted a working solution to ALL the problems at

Lets make it a sticky!
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03-15-2012 | Posts: 1
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Heya, thought I might help. I know alot of people already offered advice on getting it repaired, but if you'd like to have it NOT break on you again, (or have us repair it for you) take a look at my mod. just google "Samsung 305T Enhanced Cooling Mod" and you'll find my site with repair/mod notes
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