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MrsRick's Avatar MrsRick 10:19 PM 05-22-2009
We got it this morning (the 40" B640) and picture is just beautiful. I"m so glad I got this screen. I wish it had come with a better instructions book. I have a couple of questions. To use the internet, which appears to just take you to Samsung/stocks/weather, no actual internet surfing, how do I set that up? Do I need to buy an ethernet cord, or is it through the cable? I haven't a clue, and the instructions for that are about non existent.

I also can't figure out the PIP. It appears that it can only be one of the non cable stations, and I can open the PIP, but I can't actually get a picture in it.

Thanks for any help.

DAVIDRN's Avatar DAVIDRN 01:32 AM 05-26-2009
I Just traded my 50" Philips Plasma for the Samsung LN55B640 55" LCD.. Picture quality is 10+, You cannot surf the internet you can only connect with the USB wireless LAN connector ($35 sold separate) or direct wire via your Lan and then you can only get a few options from the samsung site (weather, stocks, etc). You can connect it directly to your PC as a monitor and surf via your computer and have the display on the screen. It also has multiple Codec decoders and I am able to play multiple different types of Movies *.avi, *.mpeg4, ets loaded onto a USB via the media connection, easy and has great pic and sound compared to viewing on my PC.
Only problem is your HDMI cables are older than HDMI 1.3 it will not accept the signal, I had to upgrade my cables to get the tv to accept a signal from my DVD or Cable box.
Overall 9 of 10. Still working on all the things it will do... Manufacture date is 4/30/09 Tech support says it will be on the Samsung site shortly.
DAVIDRN's Avatar DAVIDRN 01:35 AM 05-26-2009
For the PIP you do need a signal source to the TV input and then you can split between any of the other sources. I split my cable prior to my box and connected directly to the TV source and then have my cable box to a HDMI source. I can PIP between the two, this way I can record 2 shows on my DVR and watch a third also..
MrsRick's Avatar MrsRick 04:48 PM 06-09-2009
Thank you David. I'm not 100% sure I know what you said, but at least I know that I need to get a USB wireless lan. I assume that the stock/weather that I will then get on the TV (which I can get on my computer) would then show up..prob by a button on the remote? I have wireless in my house..does that somehow work through it?
jsou1's Avatar jsou1 07:42 PM 06-18-2009
Here are the differences between the B640 & B650...

The B640 is a Best Buy exclusive. It has a slightly lower contrast ratio (80,000:1) than the B650 (100,000:1) Not sure how that is accomplished. They both are UltraClear panels.

The internet connectivity features of the B640 are limited to Infolink (which is similar to RSS feeds). The B650 has the complete Multimedia Suite called Media 2.0 which includes Internet@TV (Internet Widgets from Yahoo, Flickr, Ebay, Twitter and more) Content Library (preloaded content ranging recipes to games) and Wireless DLNA which also easy connectivity between your computer and TV.
KyleLC's Avatar KyleLC 11:49 AM 07-03-2009
Originally Posted by Beeper View Post

I personally think it may just be advertising.
When an older Corvette and Camaro had the same engine, the Corvette had a higher advertised HP.

If you're talking about back in the late 1980s/early 1990s, then that was true, because the Corvette's exhaust was more free flowing. I think there might have been some other reasons, but I do recall that was one of them.
brandonpfn's Avatar brandonpfn 10:02 AM 07-05-2009
Wow...I found out about this TV on a Friday the 3'rd, for $1799 (the Best Buy only model)...Saturday the 4th of July, both the store and online BB listed for $1899. After speaking to the sales rep, they agreed to sell for $1799...Just took a look online today (the 6th). and the TV's jumped up to $2379. I think I scored! Can't wait to use the TV when it's shipped to my new address out of state!

Wonder how long until the price comes back to $1799
J4mes's Avatar J4mes 10:30 AM 07-12-2009
It's back down to $1899
Paullouisj's Avatar Paullouisj 02:04 PM 07-12-2009
Just a thought but I had the ln52b610 and it has a 8-bit panel 8-bit processor so could the b640 have the same even though it says wce3 and sports a UCP should make its contrast higher right??...
stevelion's Avatar stevelion 09:22 PM 07-12-2009
Can an owner confirm whether or not this TV has a matte finish?
billybob54's Avatar billybob54 09:31 PM 07-12-2009
Originally Posted by stevelion View Post

Can an owner confirm whether or not this TV has a matte finish?

It's not a matte finish. It is glossy just like the B650.
TLaz's Avatar TLaz 11:38 AM 07-30-2009
Can you access DLNA servers via the LNXX640?
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