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monkeygame7's Avatar monkeygame7
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06-01-2009 | Posts: 4
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Ok, so I accidentally (don't ask.....) messed with the ADC settings on my DX-LCD32-09. Now for some reason, everything has a greenish tinge. I was just wondering, how do you do a factory reset so that everything is back to the way it was? Also, it's only on the one Component input, the other ones are fine.
boswd's Avatar boswd
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06-01-2009 | Posts: 2,015
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double check your connections and make sure the cables are in their proper color coded slot. If they aren't, a greenish tint is the result.

Otherwise look for something that say's default setting's, restore settings etc.
monkeygame7's Avatar monkeygame7
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06-05-2009 | Posts: 4
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Okay, so I made sure all of the cables were properly connected, and they are. I tried the reset function in the menu, and it didn't work, and I also tried leaving it unplugged for a day. None of those worked. And now the green tinge is on every input.
monkeygame7's Avatar monkeygame7
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06-06-2009 | Posts: 4
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Can someone please help me with this?
psychojinx's Avatar psychojinx
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06-09-2009 | Posts: 1
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Originally Posted by monkeygame7 View Post

Can someone please help me with this?

I can help you. I own two of these TV's. What is below will reset the TV to the state it was in when you took it out of the box.

1- Press "INPUT", then "2580" - you will enter the service menu which is a yellow-green screen at the top left.

2- Using the down scroll button on the remote control, scroll to "Other Setting".

3- Press the right scroll button once.

4-Scroll down this new menu to "EEPROM Init"

5- Press the right scroll button once.

6- Follow the next prompt to reset.
monkeygame7's Avatar monkeygame7
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06-11-2009 | Posts: 4
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Thank you soo much, what you said worked perfectly.
masoo's Avatar masoo
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04-24-2010 | Posts: 118
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Going to try to bump this, hoping the subject header is appropriate to my problem, which I posted earlier as an "aging mode" problem.

I, too, need to reset my Dynex (37", DX-37L150A11 in my case) to the factory original. My problem is that I can no longer get to the service menu because of the stupid thing I did (got to service menu, hit the wrong button on the remote, changed aging mode to "yes," now all I get is the opening setup screen with an endless loop of changing background colors and nothing that responds to anything on the remote). Is there another way to reset to factory original?

lmoton's Avatar lmoton
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09-27-2012 | Posts: 1
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I can't get the audio to work on my DYNEX tv. when i push audio there is a red circle with a line drawn through it in the upper right corner of my tv. can someone help
luckylady's Avatar luckylady
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03-21-2013 | Posts: 1
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I have 2 Dynex tvs I can't get 2 of my favorite stations Channel 51.1 ,51.2 ,51.3,51.4 aI get the voice but no picture on the 26 inch.I can't get channel 5 at all on either the 26 or 32 inch. These are both pretty new.
Peter Pellerito's Avatar Peter Pellerito
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04-20-2013 | Posts: 2
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The remote won't respond during the "Aging" feature. All you have to do is hit one of the buttons on the TV itself. Should fix your problem. I did the same thing and that was the only fix. It should give you a picture again and go back the way it was before the silly setting was selected
Don H Ashfield's Avatar Don H Ashfield
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05-29-2014 | Posts: 1
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When I hit input theres nowhere to enter the code.

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