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Viche's Avatar Viche 07:26 AM 05-09-2012
If memory serves me correctly it's the CN01 that helps you determine which panel you have. SQs and SSs were widely regarded as the best. I believe the other two are AA and CN.

Do-It-Yourself's Avatar Do-It-Yourself 04:37 PM 05-12-2012
Originally Posted by connector View Post

I need help with my panel type... i have an UE40C5100QW with VERSION CN01. What Panel Type i could using in my Samsung LED TV? 40P6UF1E?...

- 40 because my tv's inchs are 40 (UE40C5100)
- P ???? i don't know, i have a friend with the same TV but version AA01 and he has that letter in his type.
- 6 --> 50-60Hz Panel
- U --> Ultra Clear
- F --> Full HD
- 1 --> Don't know why but my friend with the same TV but version AA01 has that number.
- E --> Edge LED.

Somebody could help please?

Wow this thread brings back so much memories.
This is a 2009 Thread for 2009 Samsung models. I was originally the one, with nosepass2, to sum up all the information we got into this thread. I haven't even looked back at any Samsung model after I sold mine for an old XBR8 model and never regretted so.

However, that serial post seems concrete, some of those numbers and letters look a little off. I can't recall exactly what they meant or WHAT they mean now.
Just makes me wonder if the panel lottery still exists today.
samsungLE40B650's Avatar samsungLE40B650 07:47 AM 04-18-2013
From mid 2012 Samsung began to offer kinda strange sizes like 42 inch or 50 inch LED TVs ... Who produced them? In the past 37 ich panel weren't from Samsung AFAIK.
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