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11-14-2009 | Posts: 173
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How far should I sit away from my new BenQ 24" 16:9 G2420HD 1080p LCD monitor?


Its my first LCD monitor, upgrading from a 21" 5:4 Sony CPD-G520 Trinitron CRT monitor.

I'm currently sitting 68cm away from the screen measured from my eyes to the screen and I'm just about comfortable with being able to read text on the screen but I'm getting color shift on the sides of the screen when I tilt my head just a little and I have to turn my head a little to read from the sides of the screen.

I'm currently using the included VGA cable as the monitor didn't come with a DVI-D cable which I have ordered but has yet to arrive.
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Hey Vegeta, what does the power meter say about his viewing distance?

In all seriousness, computer monitors are meant for near-field viewing, you should be just at most like 2 feet away. You're going to see washout no matter what unless you are so far away nothing is readable at native resolution, that's what happens when you get a TN panel.
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11-15-2009 | Posts: 173
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I've noticed when looking closely at white text on a black background that the text is discoloured with a green tinge.

I'm noticing it with other colour combinations too such as blue text on a white background giving off a purple tinge.

Is this normal for a TN panel LCD or is it because I am using a VGA cable at a high resolution like 1080p?
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11-16-2009 | Posts: 173
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The colour shift is proving to be too much as even at a viewing distance of 2ft. I can see colour shift at the sides of the screen when looking dead centre at the monitor.

I didn't expect to see colour shift at this distance so I am returning the LCD and going back to my trusty old 21" CRT monitor until LCD technology improves and becomes as cheap for IPS/MVA panels as TN panels are now.
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