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thadoggfather's Avatar thadoggfather 01:34 PM 12-14-2009
I have LN32A450 bought it last year, considering selling and getting a 32" xbr 9 since they are getting so cheap. I love my parents' 52" xbr9 but i know obviously it's not the same... one difference being 120hz vs 240hz (and i'm sure a difference in panel quality). but i think it could be a nice leap from 720p 60hz to 1080p 120hz , what do you think?

p1rates's Avatar p1rates 02:01 PM 12-14-2009
I say go for it. The 32XBR9 is really a V5100. I would check the V5100 thread and read some reviews.
thadoggfather's Avatar thadoggfather 02:02 PM 12-14-2009
People complain XBR9 sound is not very good. How does it compare to LN32A450?
dm145's Avatar dm145 02:53 PM 12-14-2009
not worth it for a 32 inch
p1rates's Avatar p1rates 02:55 PM 12-14-2009

Check that thread. I cannot give you my opinion on the 32xbr9 because I don't have one. You can read those reviews and see whether or not the audio is up to par.
Servicetech571's Avatar Servicetech571 03:19 PM 12-14-2009
That's a lot of cash to stick into such as small TV. Are you using it as a computer monitor?
Cleveland Plasma's Avatar Cleveland Plasma 03:49 PM 12-14-2009
There are some smoking deals going on the KDL-32S5100 AND BDP-N460 Blu Ray player Either together or seperate.
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