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bsipe9's Avatar bsipe9 01:29 PM 01-26-2010
Finally looking to make the plunge into the High Def world and Vizio's have jumped out at me primarily because they seem to be the last to still offer POP (picture-outside-picture). I have it stuck in my head that I would really like this feature, which is making me pass up on all sorts of good deals on LG's, Sony's, Samsung's etc.

I've read through the user's manual for the SV471XVT (the specific model I'm targeting) and I'm left a little fuzzy on the exact limitations of said POP feature and would appreciate it if an owner or more educated person could answer my two questions. 1) Does the POP in fact split the screen equally for the two inputs or is the secondary smaller? 2) I think I understand that POP doesn't allow for 2 separate HDMI inputs simultaneously, but what about having HDMI (HD cable box) and a Wii via component or PC via RGB (what about having two Wii's one via component, the other via A/V?)

And lastly, I would really appreciate some first hand accounts as to whether you take advantage of the POP feature? Do you use it for Wii or PC? Is it neat at first but you're unlikely to use it much?

bsipe9's Avatar bsipe9 07:43 AM 01-27-2010
I edited my title/post to clarify my thoughts in hopes for a response...
sitlet's Avatar sitlet 09:16 AM 01-27-2010
i have that same model vizio, and this feature was one of the selling points. i use it all the time.

to answer your questions, it does scale both inputs equally, however it keeps a 4x3 aspect ratio on each one. so if one of your inputs are 16x9, it will look a little squished. but its not that big of a deal to me. it does not allow 2 hdmi inputs to be used at the same time, but with one on hdmi the other input can be anything else (vga, av, component). with one as rgb, you can have an a/v input or an hdmi, but not component. with component as an input, you can have an a/v or hdmi, but not component or rgb.
bsipe9's Avatar bsipe9 10:33 AM 01-27-2010
Thank you sitlet for your reply.

My thoughts are that I'd like to have HDMI (TV or BD) and A/V (Wii) or A/V (Wii) and RGB (PC) so it looks like both of those options would work. Now to find the right deal...
SubaruB4's Avatar SubaruB4 06:35 PM 09-02-2011
Man I hate to bump this but the way you worded this makes it seems like POP is being phased out? One of the things I hated with PIP is how the other source used to always be in the way.

My Samsung plasma has POP which is nice. For widescreen tv's I figured POP would be the best fit.
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