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Originally Posted by andy sullivan View Post
You will like the 4K better so it becomes a $900 choice. You can buy a lot of stuff for $900, like a 3d blu-ray player and a lot of 3d movies, but you'll always wonder if you should have gone 4K.
Have you compared the kdl 65w850a with the xbr 65x850b ? Aside from the 4K how do the two sets compare with HD content ?
I have the w850a and like it (returned a sharp q+ (s series)) . Need another set. Will the real world 4K picture be that much better.?
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Depending on how close you sit I would say probably not for regular TV viewing or even blu-ray. On the flip side, if you decide to try some 4k stuff from say Netflix you will see a difference or from a 4K blu-ray. Keep in mind that to enjoy 4K you not only have to pay extra for the TV itself but also for any 4k content. It really all boils down to value and that's an individual thing.
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Originally Posted by tuco217 View Post
I'm in the same boat here.. Trying to decide on the best 60" for around $1300-$1400. Leaning towards the Vizio M602i-B3 because of the positive response its getting, but I've always been a Samsung/Sony fan.

I'm looking for good PQ and would like to be able to do some occasional gaming without noticeable input lag. Any recommendation between these three? Vizio M602i-B3 vs Samsung UN60H6350 vs Sony KDL60W630B.
I ended up purchasing the Vizio M602i-B3. I went to Costco and they had the Vizio next to the Samsung UN60H6350 and I thought the Vizio looked better. The CNET review on the Samsung also mentioned that the picture quality was basically mediocre, so I ruled that one off. They had the Sony KDL60W630B, but it was off on an end corner and not next to another TV. I thought it looked good, but ended up not getting it because of the lack of reviews/information on that model. They didn't carry the Sharp, but I saw it in Best Buy and again thought it looked good. The only reason I ruled that off is because when I looked on Amazon it was listed for ~1150 from PaulsTV. I wouldn't have to pay tax with Pauls, but I guess they sold out because it switched back to sold by and the price went up about a hundred dollars, and then I would have to pay tax. The Vizio is being delivered Friday.
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Howdy folks!

I have a 32 inch Panasonic TC-L32C3 in my bedroom that needs replacing.
I've come to realization that the general picture quality from this television is a bit blurry.

I've recently bought a 43 inch Samsung PN43F4500 (plasma) for the living room and the clarity is vastly superior.

1. Budget: $350
2. Seating distance: 4-8 feet
3. Size/placement limitations: 42 inches max (although my budget will probably hinder the size to 32 inches)
4. Uses and sources: Gaming on Wii U and Satellite from Dish Network
5. Room lighting: I live in a cave!

I hope there's a budget LCD out there for me!
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1. Budget- $400 max
2. 9 ft.
3. 37-40 inches
4. Connect to my computer just for watching movies and shows. HDMI
5. The room has a sunroof in the middle, plenty of natural light.
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I am looking for a 75 Inch tv
budget 1700 to 2200
15 feet viewing
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Originally Posted by khal80 View Post
I am looking for a 75 Inch tv
budget 1700 to 2200
15 feet viewing

for 75 inch you have to shed out $2800 for a proper tv or you ll have to look at a 65 inch tv to fit into your price range
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need help making a decision i have around $1500 to spend maybe a little more little less

i watch a bunch of comcast cable and i game on ps4 and xbox one a lot, also watch the occasional bluray

I WILL NOT BE USING THE 3D......i have one eye due to unlucky works just fine knock on wood**
i know the sonys have better input lag....but how is the picture quality?

the samsung is nice but doesnt do so hot with games 40ms input lag

at the very least which of those sony tvs are the better tv?

Sony W800B 50 or 55 inch
Sony W850B 60 inch
Samsung H7150 55 inch

id appreciate any stuck in the Internets swirling pool of misinformation and fake reviews
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We are looking to upgrade from our current Samsung DLP HLP5685W to a larger LED. We are looking at the Vizio 70" M701D-A3R and also the Samsung 65" UN65H6400AFXZA.


$2000 but the less the better.


Approx. 15' from the wall to the center of the couch. We will also be able to see the TV from the open dining and kitchen area behind the living. It's an open floorplan.


The room is pretty large but is a mess with all the kids toys and huge entertainment center. We will look to get rid of all that and try to have as clean an area/install as possible. I know something is needed for the components but I will likely look for a decent table / cabinet to sit under the tv and fish the cables behind the wall.


35% Sports via Direct TV
20% Movies via Direct TV (HBO, etc)
20% Flipping through channels via Direct TV
15% Movies, shows via Netflix and Amazon Instant
10% Gaming with PS3/Blu Ray Movies

Components - Direct TV Genie, Samsung Blu-Ray Player, PS3. Have not decided on on sound. It will likely be a home theater in a box type...something budget friendly. We have a dedicated home theater in basement so this is primarily for everyday viewing..late night flipping and watching sports a lot of the time.

ROOM LIGHTING: The room has a lot of light. There are two windows on the side of the room about 12' apart and the other side is the foyer / frint door..that is about 15-20' from the viewing area.

OTHER: I know the Vizio M701D-A3R 70" is about $1899 at several places. Direct TV is giving us a $200 gift card for BJ's (similar to Sam's Club and Costco) but if BJ's doesn't have it we may just swap the card with someone who uses Costco and get it there.

Area that TV will go...please disregard the messy 3 year old loves toys.

The only other question I had was what to do with my 8 yr old DLP. We got it about 8 years ago from Tiger Direct or another online retailer for about $2500. Circuit City (who?) had it for $3200 and would not price match. It has been GREAT. We have replaced the bulb a couple times (3-4) and actually just put a new one in about a month ago. Recently it has started acting up a little....maybe 2-3 times a week it flickers and gets a solid line across the bottom or will shut itself off and put a little "triangle" in the display on the pedestal. Not sure if it is a color wheel or something else...definitely above my pay grade. Works great 85% of the time and has served us well, but definitely time to upgrade. What is a reasonable expectation on trying to sell this 56" DLP? Not expecting much but hopefully don't have to just give it away either.

Thanks in advance! Any advice is welcomed and greatly appreciated.....
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