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I am looking to buy the Sony 50W800B but seems like the stocks aren't available widely on Amazon and Best Buy Stores. Amazon mentioned they don't know when it will be restocked and Best Buy mentioned they are being discontinued.

So, wanted to check if W800B is being discontinued or its just a temporary availability problem?
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Originally Posted by DevonJD View Post
Moving into new house and have been researching new 60" tvs, but its driving me bonkers with reviews all over the place. Any help would really be appreciated. TV will be wall mounted in a fairly well lit living room.

Budget: Don't want to spend more than $1500
Brand: Doesn't matter
Size: 60" maybe 65"
Extras: wifi is a plus, smart features/3d not necessary.

Other than that, don't care all that much. Will be hooked up to cable box and probably an apple tv. We are upgrading from a 47" Vizio (e3d470vx).
$1300 for a higher mid range samsung 60 inch LED tv
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Originally Posted by LeahOlin View Post
$1300 for a higher mid range samsung 60 inch LED tv
Thanks for the reply, that was actually one of the sets I was looking at!
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I am looking for a 42"-48" tv for a dark room. It will be for movies, mostly streamed off the net and displaying static images and messages. Under $2000
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Hi, I'm looking for a new 60" screen for my new house.

1. Budget - $1000-1200
2. Seating distance - Variable, open floor plan so sofa ~8-10' or kitchen island ~20'
3. Size/placement limitations - None, thinking 60"
4. Uses and sources - 90% TV and movies via Blu-ray or high def recordings/rips from an HTPC. 9% live broadcast via FIOS or equiv, 1% video games via PS3 or equiv. No need for apps or 3D but of course it'd be nice. Upgrading from a circa 2007 ~42" Vizio at my old house.
5. Room lighting - Several windows, no direct light on TV

I'm considering the following models from Costco but am open to suggestions.
Samsung UN60H6300A -
Sony KDL-60W610B -
Vizio M602i-B3 -

I'd appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.
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hi guys I am looking for a new tv
my old tv was a Samsung 55" LED UN55D6000
my budget is around $3000 but willing to pay a bit extra if there is something that that's worth the extra money. I also haven't completely decided if I should upgrade now or wait a few months for so something better.

Size: 55"+ preferably bigger.
Brand: no preference (but samsung has been good to me)
Budget: ~$3000
Extras: Smart features

This tv will be used for my home theater and used mostly for Tv/movies and some gaming. I would also like a tv that can calibrate well since it will be mainly used for bluray movies on my oppo. also still new to calibration so if my last statement makes no sense sorry lol.

I prefer to buy from BestBuy because of their financing and because I have about $1200 of credit from Bestbuy which is why my budget is higher then ever before.
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Hey everyone, nice to see this topic consolidated and stickied

I'm in the same boat about to pick up a new TV but I'm kind of conflicted to go UHD or not to go UHD, I know the arguments about UHD content but I'm a little confused on the perception of resolution + distance (i've seen 2 drastically different arguments which left me confused)

I'm looking at a tv around 60-70" preferably 65" or 70"

I prefer Sony but am fine with other brands however I am strongly against Samsung (history of failing samsung products)

My budget is around $3,000 CAD I would prefer to stay under it but am willing to go higher if i'm sold on UHD

Now here's the issue the TV will be placed 17' (seventeen feet) away from the seating position I have no choice in that matter

I am leaning towards the Sony KDL-65W950B instead of a UHD set (given content, distance, finalization of standards but are those legitimate concerns?)

or the Sony KDL-70W840B or Sony KDL-70W850B (the only difference between these two is 240hz vs 480hz but the 840B is $500 less) I know these sets lack features from the 950B but am wondering if it will be noticeable from that 17' distance?

To Sum Up

Budget: $3,000 approx
Room: Very Brightly Lit
Distance: 17' (feet)
Brand: Prefer Sony, Fine with others but no samsung
Size: 60"-70"
USE: broadcast tv, netflix, PC, minimial-0 3D

Thanks guys

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Hello everyone,

I'm looking to upgrade my Sony 46" KDL46VL150 for the biggest HDTV with the following constraints:

1) ~2500 or less (might push to ~3500 for OLED)

2) ~11-12 feet away from TV (yeah, pretty far, can't move any closer however)

3) Will need to be less than 51 inches wide (NOT diagonal) due to furniture and room size

4) Current HT Build: Oppo BDP-103 Universal Blu-ray Player, Ascend Acoustics Sierra-2 LCR speakers w/ CBM-170s as surrounds and Rythmik Audio F12SE subwoofer (5.1), Denon AVR-X4000 receiver, Sony Playstation 4, all connected to a Gigabit Ethernet switch. Also use a HDTV antenna connected to the TV. I primarily use it for pretty much everything media except sports (movies and music with some gaming.)

5) 90% of the right side of my room has windows, but will have blackout curtains eventually.

Other: Would preferably want to put focus on best color reproduction and accuracy, 4K/wall-mountable is optional, might be able to push to 54 inches wide (non-diagonally) if I move some furniture but I prefer not to.
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