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standish's Avatar standish 08:40 PM 08-08-2010
I stopped by the local Best Buy three times in the last couple weeks and have decided that I don't know how to pick a television. I haven't owned one in close to ten years. I've been reading a bunch, but it still seems daunting.
Can someone lend a hand before I just get it over with?

I am looking at 32-40". Really can't go 42" since my wife isn't too excited about the 40". I am thinking 37" might be a concession to her and put me in a good light, but there are fewer choices I think in that size. Have been leading towards Samsung (brother in-law works for them at Seoul HQ; so some obligation there). LG seems like a bargain, but no 40". I've feel like I've liked some of the Sony's I've seen too.

$500-700 range
~5 to 7' viewing for two straight on and will not have any direct light sources natural or otherwise.
Streaming/playing BD, DVD's, ripped DVD's (some BD), Netflix, Hulu and the like via HTPC over wired network. Definitly will be surfing internet, email etc on the device so will have to be 1080p.

Any direction out there?

emil3m's Avatar emil3m 11:59 PM 08-08-2010
I would really appreciate some help with the following situation.

Amazon offered me a great deal to buy either one:
(a) LN40C630
(b) LN40C650
(c) LN46C630
(d) LN46C650 lists the LN40C630 as the best 42" LCD. I heard they are a trusted source, but they don't have any C650 rated yet.

**Online connectivity does not matter much to me. I am more concerned with:
1. Picture quality
2. Video gaming (PS3)
(a) which do you think handles gaming better?
(b) is it really true that Samsung equips 46" panels with better video cards than 42" panels of the same series?
3. Contrast ratio.
(a) LN40C630 is listed as 120k:1 (some people seems to say that Samsung advertises false information here)
(b) C650 series is advertised as 150k:1, but the 42" model is listed with 100k:1. Is it expected due to size difference?
4. People seem to report a lot of problems on these forum . It also seems that the C630 has much more problems. Or did it simply sell better thus has more people reviewing it?
5. Some people indicated that Amazon sells bad panels - the infamous "panel lottery" - but the reviews on Amazon do not seem to reflect that. What do you guys think?

Thanks a lot for your time!
nazaks's Avatar nazaks 01:47 AM 08-09-2010
Dear FRiends,

Is there any Thread for LA32B450 OR LN32B450? and are they the same models?
blue k7's Avatar blue k7 04:08 AM 08-09-2010
Can someone recommend me a 42inch LCD?

Nothing too pricey
paulc1978's Avatar paulc1978 04:38 PM 08-09-2010
I need a ruling. Like everyone else in this thread I'm totally overwhelmed by the number of TV choices but there are two questions I have. First, would it be better to go for a bigger screen rather than newer technology (LED LCD vs. LCD)? Second, 60hz vs. 120 hz. (I'm going to be watching a lot of football, probably stream movies, and play some XBox and Wii). I'm vacillating between a 42" and a 46" TV. I'll be sitting about 6-10' from the screen.
jaybone909's Avatar jaybone909 12:16 PM 08-10-2010
I posted this in the Samsung 2010 LED thread before seeing this one.

I didn't want to start a new thread for this and I also couldnt find a definitive answer through the search engine.

I'm definitely buying either the Samsung un46c8000 or the un40c7000. My question is which one would be the better choice? I don't care too much about the 3D aspect. I know I heard there were some ghosting issues with these models but if it's only when viewing 3D, then I don't really care.

That being said, can someone justify spending the extra money for the precision dimming feature and a slightly higher DCR on the 8000?
Thanks for the help.
JimJimBinks's Avatar JimJimBinks 01:31 PM 08-10-2010
What is a better TV for a room full of Ambient light? LED backlit LCD or just LCD?
I'm trying to decide between the EX700 46" or the cheaper EX500 46" my living room is extremely bright during the day. Any help would be great.
nazaks's Avatar nazaks 02:05 AM 08-11-2010
Dear Friends,
Would you please to find a thread for my Samsung LA32B450 LCD?
Greentealatte's Avatar Greentealatte 01:27 PM 08-11-2010
This will be my first flat panel. Have been using a rear projection with 1080i for the last several years.

My biggest complaint when I watch sports on different flat panels is the distortion and blocks during fast motion, which is why i've never bought one.

So, I am looking for the best 47" - 50" TV for viewing fast moving action under $1500. (I'll go smaller if I have to for a better picture.)

Any advice or recommendations greatly appreciated.

Pojosama's Avatar Pojosama 03:21 PM 08-11-2010
Trying to find the best 32" TV out there, preferably without much input lag. Was going to get a 50" plasma, but those plans were crushed (too big. Whatever.).
Sleeper12's Avatar Sleeper12 08:35 PM 08-11-2010
I posted above that I was looking for a 1080p for the living room. The guys at BB were pushing me toward the LED Panasonic TC L42D2 for $999. Is this the best TV in that size for that price?
cwegga's Avatar cwegga 09:53 PM 08-11-2010
Well, the last few pages don't seem to be getting much answer love so I might not get much out of this but here goes. I don't need someone to pick a TV for me but narrowing things down to a few models for me to research would be great.

I am thinking about getting a new TV. I currently have a Vizio VO32L if I recall correctly. I really like some things about it but I do have a couple of problems with it too.

I use my TV as my computer monitor for all my computer use at home. This is where the problems come in. 720p does not offer enough resolution for web browsing and the lack of 1:1 pixel mapping is annoying in desktop computer use and gaming.

For the 360 the TV is great. I would like 1080p for the whiz bang factor but it doesn't make much difference for my XBOX games. I do go to LANs and haul this TV around a bunch though and that is where this model is great. It has a non-moving base that is really solid, it is light weight, 32" is the largest size that fits in cars easily to be transported and it is pretty non-reflective for those times I get stuck with my screen facing a window.

Basically the summary is that I like the physical attributes of my TV and am happy with the PQ but I want to upgrade to something with 1080p and 1:1. It's been a few years now and there should be better TVs for the same price now.

1. Budget: 500ish or less
2. Seating distance: 4-10ft
3. Size/placement limitations: 32" 1080p
4. Uses and sources: Computer monitor, XBOX 360
5. Room lighting: Mid to Bright
hikeskool's Avatar hikeskool 10:07 PM 08-11-2010
OK, I think my direction has changed somewhat on this search! Please bear with me:

Budget: ~1,200 USD

Seating Distance: bedroom TV, so about 10 feet away

Size: it will be sitting on a dresser, so hopefully 40 or less

Uses and Sources: this will be mostly cable TV (1080i via HDMI) and a home theater PC mostly for movies/TV episodes (1080p via DVI/DVI->HDMI) and possibly some gaming, both PC and Xbox 360 (1080p via VGA/DB15)

Room Lighting: most of the time lights will be off but other times I deal with crappy fluorescent lighting. There is some light leakage from the single window during the day (and even at night). Not a big glossy screen guy though and this set will most likely serve as a gameroom/pool table room TV mounted on a wall in my new house, whenever that comes.

LED backlighting is ideal due to its strong uniformity, preferably backlit if prices stay reasonable.

Thanks for the help!
A.C.Sanchez's Avatar A.C.Sanchez 10:02 AM 08-12-2010
It's tax free Saturday in Massachusetts, I'm willing to spend up to $2500ish on a new TV. It will be in a basement living room, but it's well lit (full 6 foot slider in my walk-out basement).

I currently own a 46" Sony BRAVIA that I want to make out with on a nightly basis. That leads me to believe that I should buy this 60" monster, live without 3D (I really don't think I need to get a 3D TV), and enjoy life. My seating distance will be up to 15'-16' away, because it's a big basement. That's why I feel like I can pass on 3D, in the interest of getting a larger screen.

Regular Sony BRAVIA with no LED Backlight
60" BRAVIA LCD - 270 clams cheaper

Alternatively, I know this is the LCD thread, but this freakishly huge TV is available right now at Best Buy too:
65" Panny

I think the LED-LCD BRAVIA is in the lead right now, given how much I truly love my current BRAVIA (I think I have a 2007 V series).

Best 3D TV I could do for $2500 would be
Sony BRAVIA 3D, 55", but it's $200 more than I really want to spend.

I need to go look at them all. Decisions, decisions...
ghause's Avatar ghause 06:02 AM 08-13-2010
Originally Posted by A.C.Sanchez View Post

It's tax free Saturday in Massachusetts...

I'm irrationally Sony-centric myself and given your room size, I'd go with the KDL60EX500. People seem to be happier with it than the LED.

Personally, I'm torn between the ex500 and the hx800.
A.C.Sanchez's Avatar A.C.Sanchez 07:50 AM 08-13-2010
Originally Posted by ghause View Post

I'm irrationally Sony-centric myself and given your room size, I'd go with the KDL60EX500. People seem to be happier with it than the LED.

Personally, I'm torn between the ex500 and the hx800.

What do you base that on? I've read the owners threads, and the 700 folks seem quite happy. I looked at the 500 vs the 700 at BB last night, and the 700 definitely did look nicer at first glance.

I know about the flashlighting/clouding that people always bring up, but everyone says the same thing - "I see it, but it really doesn't effect my viewing, but I hate it, even though I can only see it if I stare at a blank, blue screen!"
ghause's Avatar ghause 09:21 AM 08-13-2010
Originally Posted by A.C.Sanchez View Post

What do you base that on?

I'm just basing that on my interpretation of the owners threads. There are a lot of complainers on the 700 thread and LCD threads in general

Also, based on my eyes at BB and a local HT shop the 700 is not worth the price difference to the 500.
A.C.Sanchez's Avatar A.C.Sanchez 04:34 PM 08-13-2010
Originally Posted by ghause View Post

I'm just basing that on my interpretation of the owners threads. There are a lot of complainers on the 700 thread and LCD threads in general

Also, based on my eyes at BB and a local HT shop the 700 is not worth the price difference to the 500.

Appreciate the reply. I spent the day reading the 700 thread, and I'm halfway through the 500 thread. Luckily, the 60" version of the 700 seems to be the "safest", but I may go 500.
Twoez's Avatar Twoez 05:20 AM 08-14-2010
Budget - $500
Seating distance - 3-10ft
Size/placement limitations - really only 1 place where i can set it since it'll be in the bedroom, unless i place it on my desk and use it as a monitor as well.
Uses and sources - Mainly gaming on xbox360, limited tv use and/or possible comp monitor
Room lighting - varies, sun shines through window during the day and only have a desk lamp during the night.

was looking to get a panasonic tc-l32x1 since it's been getting good reviews for gaming, but they seem hard to come by atm. would really like something that's going to be able to play super street fighter 4 near 0 input lag.
Hydron's Avatar Hydron 10:51 AM 08-14-2010
Hi, Im looking for my first flat tv.
I'm looking for a 46"-47" screen. I don't know I will buy a led or lcd.
Budget:1000$ or 1600$ CAD

Seating Distance: 8ft

Size:46" - 47" maibe 42"

Uses and Sources: TV/Movies/PS3 and maibe pc

Room Lighting: daylight next to a big window but no direct sunlight

prolly gonna buy it at or
onan38's Avatar onan38 05:00 PM 08-15-2010
Looking for a cheap lcd for my daughter to take to college.I don't know the size of the room but think its on the small side.Not looking for something really expensive maybe something 40 inches or below.looking for something that hopefully won't get stolen . Any suggestions would really help! Thanks everyone.
nathanstl's Avatar nathanstl 05:08 PM 08-15-2010
Budget less than 1500 USD
Room has window wall with the upper windows being uncovered.
I definitely want Netflix streaming built in and the interface to browse movies on the netflix streaming would be nice. It won't be wall mounted so depth isn't a concern. I'm not crazy picky, but would like input lag to be minimal as I might retire this TV to a game room after a few years.

Models I'm trying to decide between currently are The Sony KDL-46HX701 and the Samsung UN46C6300, but I'm open to suggestions.

The Sony has 240hz which I really don't know if that matters because it seems as if most turn that off anyway because it looks like a soap opera and the Samsung is LED. So what are your opinions between these two? What about the 120hz vs 240hz? LED VS CCFL? Any input appreciated.
Tomdabomb9's Avatar Tomdabomb9 09:00 PM 08-15-2010
I'm looking to get a new HDTV for my basement/room. I am basically looking for an TV that I can plug my computer into via an HDMI cable. I have a BD drive in my computer so I would like to use that as a bluray and dvd player. I would prefer the tv to display images in at least 1080i, but if it would save money, I can deal with 720p. I've heard that on smaller televisions you can't really tell the difference anyway. Please send me your suggestions.

1. Budget: $200-$300
2. Seating distance: Approximately 9'
3. Size/placement limitations: At least 24"
4. Uses and sources: Standard television, and to watch dvd's and blurays off my computer
5. Room lighting: Can be as bright or dark as I need it to.
lord_vartok's Avatar lord_vartok 06:28 PM 08-16-2010
1. Budget: no more than $700

2. Seating distance: Its for my bedroom... but about 7 - 13 feet depending on how Im laying on the bed

3. Size/placement limitations: not really any limitations, but ive been looking at 42" TVs

4. Uses and sources: xbox 360, PS3, Wii, HTPC, cable (no box)... would also prefer if the HDTV as an optical out as thats about the only option for my receiver

5. Room lighting: fairly dim, only have 2 windows and neither one recives direct sunlight and both have curtains on them

I have been looking around a bit and have come up with 3 options (all Vizio) E420VL, SV420M, and a referb VT420M.... but i am open to other suggestions as long as they dont go over $700
llRELLll's Avatar llRELLll 01:01 PM 08-17-2010
Hopefully someone can answer this within the next couple hours before I go back to target.

First off, I have at&t uverse cable(girlfriend does most of the watching t.v.)

When ever I touch the t.v. I'm online with my ps3.

We both went in on a t.v. last night and I'm very unsatisfied.

Every channel and movie channel looks terrible, they all look like Im watching a soap opera or a very low budget straight to dvd movie.

When I got online with my ps3 the lag was terrible.

We bought the Philips 40" Class 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV - Black (40PFL3705D/F7) From target, we bought it vs. the Samsung 40" Class 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV - Black (LN40C530) because of the 120hz with the philips over the 60hz on the samsung- I got suckered in. lol.

Now I plan on going back tonight to get the Samsung 40" Class 1080p 60Hz LCD HDTV - Black (LN40C530) instead.

I'm wondering will I have the same issues with the samsung as in video quality when watching cable t.v. or lag with video games?

I have played and adjusted every little bit of settings I could with the philips and have given up on it.
DaRabidMonkey's Avatar DaRabidMonkey 12:16 PM 08-19-2010
Hi, I've been dreading this day, but I now have to find an LCD TV instead of an CRT for college. I'm extremely perceptive when it comes to input lag, so I've been using CRT. However, I now need a new display, one that has (as near as possible to) zero lag.

1. $400
2. Mostly about 5ft away, but could occasionally be more.
3. Around 22" to 26". It will be in a dorm room, placed on a table.
4. Used with Xbox 360. I have a VGA, component, and HDMI cables for the Xbox, but I was planning on using the VGA because I've heard good things about using VGA imputs on TVs since they end up with less input-lag. I may have to hook a thing or two, but anything else is secondary and I could always use an adapter if the TV doesn't have the needed connection.
5. Should usually be fairly dark when I play, but it may not always be dark when being used.

Currently, I'm leaning towards using a computer monitor. I'm thinking the Dell S2209W since a site said that there was "an absence of input lag," which I'm guessing it's as lagless as an LCD monitor can be.
ocrazor's Avatar ocrazor 06:45 PM 08-19-2010
If you are looking for a low lag tv, you are looking for one of these brands:

1. Panasonic
2. Hitachi
3. Sharp
4. LG

You can immediately cross all other brands off your list.
met64's Avatar met64 11:22 AM 08-21-2010
Hi- can't find a ton of information or end user reviewes/comments on line about this tv.... So, if there are any current owners of the Samsung UN32C4000 could you please just respond with feedback- likes- dislikes, etc of this display. One thing I noticed, it appears the HDMI inputs are super close to the beseal... Any connection issues based on this? Thanks in advance for any help/feedback!
Matty545's Avatar Matty545 10:25 PM 08-22-2010
1. Budget
About 1300, but I will go higher for the right set that I can be happy with and not have to upgrade for at least a couple years.

2. Seating distance
About 6-9 feet at the farthest point.

3. Size/placement limitations
Looking for 46"-55"

4. Uses and sources
Blu-ray, HD Television, Some DVDS and Some Gaming, but mostly Blu's and HD Television from Dish.

5. Room lighting
The TV Faces a window, but it has blinds so lighting isn't a big concern.

I was thinking about either a Samsung 46" C630 or C650.

Any advice?
moly's Avatar moly 12:10 AM 08-23-2010
Hi Guys,

I have got my tv options down to 3 thanks to the awesome information on this site.

They are:
Sony KDL-46EX500
Samsung LN46C650
LG 46LD550

I will be watching Blu-Ray's and H264 downloads via the PS3, SD tv, and sport (NFL, Rugby, Cricket, Formula 1 mostly)

I may, in the future, rig up a HTPC to it as well and couldnt really find which one had any 1:1 pixel mapping to remove overscan issues, so any other info would be good.

Samsung is most expensive, then LG and then Sony, but none really all that different to make much difference.

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