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Okay let me start by saying these forums have served as a huge source of information for me in the past. Seems to be some very knowlegeable people posting in here. I recently moved and left my old LN46A650 behind for my girlfriend to use. (really just and excuse to get me a new one, ha ha) I has been a decent tv and I have no real issues with it. But it is showing it's age features wise. I am currently using a very old 27" Samsung HD CRT TV I purchased years ago in my apartment. It is about to drive me crazy. I have done a lot of research and I am not sure what to buy for my new apartment. I have seen the C8000's at BB and they seemed really nice. I was thinking of the 55" UN55C8000, but would consider a 46. But I also read that the UN55B8500 with local dimming would possibly out perform it. I don't want to state a flame war here. I understand that the UN55B8500 can have some screen issues but has great PQ due to local dimming. Also I don't know if I just want to hold off get just a LCD running 120-240. Also not completely sold on the fact that 3D tech is ready for prime time yet. Please help!!!

1. Budget - $3000
2. Seating distance - 6'-15'
3. Size/placement limitations - Is going to be placed in front of 7'x5' window
4. Uses and sources - PS3, Charter HDTV/DTV (1080i), HTPC/laptop < all using HDMI
5. Room lighting - My apartment has huge windows and a lot of light 3 7'x5' windows in main viewing room. Copious light doesn't even cover it, loft style 2 bdrm apt. Need good light and dark performance.

I would prefer to stick with Samsung but willing to consider others.
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Hi guys, first post so I'm hoping I get it done properly.

My current 52" Samsung lcd is a couple years old and dying a quick death. It was taking an hour to turn on last week, about 6 hours yesterday of it clicking on/off/on/off etc

The current one is wall-mounted and the viewing area / living room is setup perfectly for it. I plan on a 55" and *assume* the wall mount will work with the new TV. (current samsung measures 54" x 30.5" on the wall for reference)

1. Budget - $1700 would be nice, $2100 is my maximum.

2. Seating distance - 7ft - 12ft

3. Size/placement limitations - Should not be an issue

4. Uses and sources - PS3, Dish network(1080i), toshiba hd-dvd for reualar dvd watching< all using HDMI switched through an onkyo reveiver and a sinle hdmi cable to the tv)

5. Room lighting - multiple ligh controlling options, maybe a semi-bright living area during mid-day.

I plan on 80% tv of which 95%+ will be in hd, and 20% dvd/blurays.
Football season is starting up so figure for alot of NFL game time to be watched.

I'm not sure on the difference between led-lcd and 'true-led' and I'm not too keen on the 3-D unless there is just a pressing reason to get one. And trying to look at them in person (est buy, walmart, etc) doesnt help since none are calibrated worth a darn. You know the $700 no name looking 10x better than a $4000 name brand and what not.

Sorry for going on, please let me know some suggestions, favorites, places to shop, etc

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We're looking at a TV for our downstairs den. It's not the main home theater TV an will be stand alone with nothing but a 722k Dish DVR attached. As such internet connectivity would be nice but not a deal breaker. Hoping to buy it from Best Buy in order to use a big pile of gift cards.

1. Budget

Around $1.2k USD.

2. Seating distance:

Around 12 feet give or take a few.

3. Size/placement limitations

Will be wall mounting it. Hoping to get a minimum of 46".

4. Uses and sources

This is going downstairs in the den. This is not the main theater room. As such it will only have an HD DVR attached. I will not be adding a sound system to it so if there is decent audio quality from the TV that will be a big plus. Also Netflix streaming is a big want but not a necessity or deal breaker.

5. Room lighting

I've attached an image below showing the room. This is right after we moved in so the blinds and curtains are not up yet but you can see the two windows to the left of the TV and a door to the right. Furniture is just haphazardly in there in that picture but you will get a feel for the layout. TV will be mounted in the big blank area between the shelves.

The two I liked the most in the store are:

Samsung LN46C670 (Comes with free Blu-Ray player)
Sharp LC46LE810UN (Wife really like this one for the look and design)

Also in consideration are:
LG 46LD550
Sony KDL46EX500
Samsung UN46C5000QF
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Hello, I'm looking into LCDs. I've had a diziness/motion sickness/sim sickness problem for a few years. Gaming on large displays make me really dizzy. I sit a few feet away from my PC monitor when I'm playing an FPS game. 120Hz TVs bother me, I've noticed posts online that the higher refresh rates can affect "normal" people as well and make them sick in some cases.

What I'm looking for is a 60Hz Samsung LCD (or other top performing brand). Was looking for 32" for a while, the bigger the TV the more things bother me. 40" would be the max, provided the 40" panel can do 1:1 pixel mapping. For 1:1 mapping with PS3's, am I able to use the PS3 at 720p (when gaming) over HDMI without scaling on Samsungs? Read issues about this in various places, hard to find definite answers. Alternatively, if the HDMI is converted to DVI, will this issue be fixed? I'm asking about 40" panels because I'd rather watch movies a bit larger and have the general chaos of games displayed in a smaller real estate using the 1:1. Obviously, I'd also need low input lag... I plan on hooking my PC up to this.

I don't expect replies, I realize this is a specific issue that I've been trying to research on my own and it's getting even harder because of the 120Hz influx. Just thought I'd give this a shot, if anyone could provide suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Samsungs, while great TVs in general, have a reputation for horrible input lag. So if you want a TV for fast action/sports/fighting games, I would recommend a Panasonic, Sharp, or Hitachi. Or an LG, if you can find one that has an IPS panel (some have slower panels). Also, with the 120Hz issue, a lot of TVs have the ability to disable any 120Hz picture processing effects.
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Hey guys, I've been on here for quite some time, but mainly reading around. I'm in the market for a TV for my apartment. I'm looking for something fairly big, but something I could move potentially (more than likely moving in a year). I'm looking more towards an LED because they are lighter to move around, and from what I've seen perform pretty well, but I wouldn't hate an LCD either.

1. Budget
$1200 | $1400 Max

2. Seating distance
My couch is 14 feet away from the wall, and I've got a few chairs around 12 feet away.

3. Size/placement limitations

Only real limitation is that I don't want a TV that is too big for the room. I'm looking at 46" and 52" sets. I could wall mount it, but I'd rather use a stand of some sort, and push that against the wall

4. Uses and sources
This set will be used for just about everything. Blu ray, HDTV (sports included), video games, and possibly hooking my laptop up to it. It will be used a lot for this football season, and movies/games on a regular basis.

5. Room lighting
Fairly lit room. I've got a light in the ceiling to the right (about 15 feet away), a large sliding door with slat blinds (about 6 feet diagonally away from the tv) and I've got 2 tall, movable lights. Both on opposite ends of the room (one would be next to the tv's left, and the other is in the opposite corner). These are movable, so lighting can be adjusted. Only thing I can't do, is put a light source in the corner that would be to the right of the tv.

Hopefully this info, and help someone, help me. Like I said, I'm looking into an LED based TV, but I wouldn't hate an LCD. The two models of LED I'm looking into are:

Samsung 46C6300
Sony 46/52EX700

Only reason I say these 2, is because the price of these are dropping pretty quick online, and I'm looking into ordering a tv in 2 weeks (nice paycheck coming in).

Sorry for such a long post, but thank you for any help you can give.
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Hello everyone,
Middle aged gal here trying to discern what is true and not true. Been working my way through this thread and it is a long one for sure.

Since Hollywood Video has gone under, Blockbuster to file Bankruptcy in Sept. and video rental prices outlandish, streaming is where we are headed. I have had Netflix for a couple of years and bought a Roku to watch it with and was thrilled for about 3 months and realized I wanted different content to stream like PBS shows I missed etc and Roku is one trick pony transitional technology. Love the picture quality for the most part but don't like the cable co mentality of Roku and others. I am on my second digital converter box for one tv and this transitional technology seems very limited in life span as well.

I have the older big crt tvs and want to migrant to newer units that will stream. I even bought s-video cords from Monoprice and was told I could effectively stream from my new HP computer. It just didn't fly well at all.
Personally not a video snob and my old tvs prove that, and my budget is limited. Looked at consumer reports and wow the prices they show are ridiculous and have come down since their most recent breakdown. I take consumer reports with a grain of salt since they are eclectic in the items they decide to test.

What I am finding is when they advertise wireless or internet capable plasma tvs it really means that they control the content with their media streamers. At least that is what I have been told.

I like the Panasonic plasma TC-P50g20 the salesman showed me but he recommended I get small cpu with i5 with better graphics card stick it in my media center and use hdmi port to stream with this tv. Is that my best option? Nothing against saleman but I like to verify this before I make costly mistake.

I mentioned I already have a newer HP computer with i7 and upgraded video card and wondered about just sending a long hdmi cord from it to Panasonic plasma tv but cringed at the thought of the price of a long hdmi cord since Best Buy is notorious for their overpriced hdmi cords. In fact HP didn't include hdmi cord with my system and I got one at Monoprice for really cheap and it works fine. Then the salesman goes on and on about the quality of the cord and you get what you pay for. Is there a noticeable difference? Would such a long hdmi cord ruin the quality of the picture streamed?

My HP has dvi ports that with adapter turns them into hdmi ports and there are two one is used with computer right now. Don't challenge me on this one, anytime I mention this people attack me on the dvi to hdmi thing and it is an ATI Radeon 1gb HD 4850, just take my word on that.

I want to stream to tvs but what is the best way to do that with what I already have. Computer is room in the middle room between both rooms that have tvs. The runs would be 10-20 ft.
I am thinking that I could get long hdmi cord from computer to a plasma or lcd tv first. Then add a small cpu unit i5 processor with good graphic card and make that my media streamer eventually to that new tv with shorter hdmi cord. Then buy another plasma or lcd tv and just hook that up with the long hdmi cord I have left over from the main tv to my computer that has only one hdmi port available. I already have wireless mouse and plan on getting wireless keyboard.

Not sure if plasma or lcd would work best for streaming open content? I have been calling manufacturers and getting royal run around. Tech support send me to sales, sales sends me back to tech support. That was Panasonic and have yet to hear back from supervisor.

Can I use long hdmi cords to plasma and/or lcds to stream to effectively?

Shall I give up on the idea of using computer from the next room?

Are all internet, cat5 or wireless, plasmas not able to stream open content from these ports is it only hdmi port I can overide for open content?

What do you think about this idea of getting small cpu with i5 and better graphics card to stream with and any suggestion of what card would be a good option? I like the idea that I could up grade with cpu. Anyone got any idea of who is selling good basic upgradeable units. Don't say HP. Shudder.
I would love a 50 tv like the Panasonic which is around 1k but that is more than I wanted to spend for the first faze of migration. I love the idea of buying from Costco for their extended 2 yr warranty and 90 day return policy but their selection is lousy right now. Any suggestions of when and where to buy?
Sorry for long post but I think many are wanting to migrate like I am and don't know the best way to track it. Many bought new computer with launch of Win7 and want to utilize them if possible.
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They can not guarantee any of their plasmas or lcd tvs will work with any graphics card. "PC is not assumed." There is no compatibility list for cards and drivers and they discourage it so you will use their closed content media streamer. Why does everyone want to be a cable co on the internet? arrrrrgh.
They said they 9 out of 10 laptops will work but I said hey aren't those cards very limited since laptops are not known for quality video or audio. Silence.

I asked him surely the lcds are pc compatible since people buy them to use with computers? No guarantee.

I still have to email Panasonics supervisor and let them know that tech support nor sales could tell me what internet ports were on certain tvs. They kept telling me to go to the other dept. Panasonic is not what it used to be. I would hate to have an actual unit and a problem with that unit. I asked tech support if they had repair facility in Portland Oregon area and she could not tell me unless I had to report a problem so she could open a case number to find one. Arrrrrgh.
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Talked to Samsung today and they have no fear about any of their plasma tvs compatibility with PC.

They recommend hdmi cord and the gal there had no idea about if there was a big deal about hdmi cord quality. She said 20 ft would not affect the picture quality.

For my price range she recommended the PN50B550 msrp of 1399.00 but I googled and found it on for 899.88. I asked for any other dealers that might sell this unit with Costco type of return and extended warranty but she knew of none. Costco doesn't sell this 2009 unit.

I asked her if there were any know issues with this unit since my HP PC was inherently defective and HP knew it when they sold it. She says it doesn't show it and they get daily updates on any known issues. This unit says it is 600Hz?

Samsung sure made considering them so much easier than Panasonic or even LG. LG yesterday told me that they only have one unit that I could stream to with PC and it was a LCD 55LD650 for 1579.00 which was much too expensive for my budget.

I think when considering a new tv you really need to call them to check out if they provide decent customer support since when reading these posts it is not uncommon to have an issue no matter what brand it is.

Any input on the Samsung PN50B550?
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Please help me decide on one of the 3 sets that I've narrowed it down to. I plan to mount the set on north wall in my main room. The room is huge and has nearly all of the east and west walls covered in windows. About 90% on the west side and about 60% on the east side. Needless to say, the room gets a lot of light and I'm only looking for an LCD with a matte screen. I have a large enough room so that I'm going to have 2 separate viewing/seating arrangements. The other display is a Pioneer 101 and it will mainly be used for movie watching (and ocassional sporting events in conjuction with the larger TV that I'm deciding on).

1. Budget: Around $2500 USD.

2. Seating distance: Around 8-12 ft

3. Size/placement limitations: 60-65". And it will be wall mounted.

4. Uses and sources: This will be the main viewing set for HD TV channels (lots of sports) and some gaming and some daytime movie viewing. Sources will be Fios and a PS3.

5. Room lighting: Lots of direct and indirect light. The setting sun shines thru the west side windows. There are no drapes or blinds. They are not needed for privacy and would interfere with the view but they may be added in the future.

My choices are the following sets. They are all on sale locally.

1. Sony KDL-65W5100 - This is the most expensive set (just under my budget) and can be used with a wall mount that I already have.
2. Sharp LC-C6577UM - This is about $400 to $500 cheaper than the Sony and I'll have to get a new wall mount due to the bolt spacing.
3. Sharp LC-C6077UN - This is about half the cost of the Sony and I can use the wall mount that I already have.

Here is a picture of the north wall that I plan to mount the set on. It won't go exactly center of the wall because of the wall cabinet.

Here is the opposite wall with the fireplace and the Pioneer set up.

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Talked to Sharp and was blown out of the water by how well they answered my questions. I even had to tell supervisor how impressed I was. The only negative was that I had to hunt for phone number since when you try to contact them all that pulls up is online email form. I got the Aquos membership number. Costs nothing, it's just for folks that buy their products to give them good customer service.
All they sell are lcd tvs, no plasma.
I think she said all their tvs have hdmi connections and not sure about 20' hdmi cord but she was the first one to explain there is a different in the cords as gold plated are better than steel plated and they have ratings of 1.1 or 1.2 or 1.4. The bigger the second number the more info can pass on the cord so 1.4 cord gold plated I guess would be best.
There was no fear put out like Panasonic about whether my computer and lcd tv would get along. She did mention that they don't have ports for the yellow, white and red rca connections but you can use adapters to get around that.
In the 50 range there are 52 sets LC52LE810 and LC52LE820 which are still rather expensive. The 810 was launched 3/10 so fairly new. It goes for 1649.00 at Best buy. The 810 has polymer front and the 820 has a glass front. They also didn't have any other good retailers like Costco with better return and extended warrant who sells these two units.
Their big pitch on these sets is that they have a yellow pixels and it improves the picture quality big time. I will have to check it out in stores. They had this 920 model but it was 3 D and closed content. I have glasses and went to fancy theatre to watch Avatar where they serve you dinner on leather lounge chairs and I bet I had good 3 D glasses and it was the worst experience. I had to hold the 3D glasses away from my prescription glasses to see clearly since the 3D messes with the prescription. Never again. So why would anyone with glasses want the 920 along with the closed content internet service? Very few.
They did say that between Thanksgiving and Xmas is the best time to buy tvs and the sales are all over the place. The gal I praised will actually get a benefit from Sharp so they treat their employees well and they actually do stuff that promotes good customer service. The irony here is not even the supervisor can afford their tvs and neither can I.
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I almost didn't contact Sony since my guess was if anyone wants to control content it would be Sony with all of its entertainment subsidiaries. But since so many folks have praised Sony tvs I thought I would give it a shot.

A bonus is all their call centers and any contact you have with them are in Canada so they do speak English.

They will price match even with online retailers. Dell sells Sony tvs and they have a deal on the EX700 of 1389.00 compared to what Sony is selling on their site of 1449.00.

They are willing to wheel and deal a bit. Depending on what and how much you buy. Take 10% off maybe see if you can get better warranty. I would certainly ask.

Normally 1 yr on all parts and labor with in home service. This EX 700 was the bottom of the line for 52 it is lcd with led edging. Their hdmi cords are 1.3 not sure if gold or steel.

If you use the wifi dongal on this unit you get directed right to their closed content channels. To bypass the sales guy had me going on the possibility of using a Netgear adapter on the tv provided I had an Intel wireless wifi card. I call Netgear and they said no way. Their adapters are only designed to work with computers to send they don't work like receivers for tvs. So no way to use my wifi router to send signal to new tv so far that will allow open content streaming. So no wifi but I do think it would be possible to just use hdmi no problem.

They also didn't have any fear of my computer streaming to their tv in regards to compatibility but hey they were wrong about the Netgear. Boy they had me going there for while with the possibility of wifi functionality like the Roku which was appealing. So that was not cool to be led on wild goose chase.

Out of total curiosity I would like to take a look at one of these along with the other expensive sharps to see how good is good but all roads seem to lead to Samsung for reasonable price. Panasonic and LG service was not up to par. I gave them a chance to sell it to me and they couldn't. Even emailed Panasonic about all the problems I had with their reps and haven't heard back from them.
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Last November I bought top of the line HP desktop with upgrades spent a pretty penny and bought directly from them. Well it turns out they knew their mobo were bad and were stalling until Asus could make replacement boards in the meantime they gave folks like me the royal run around by way of India. There is a class action suit regarding inherently defective mobos. So when I did get a replacement mobo two months later the AT&T tech arrived at my home. I have techie leanings and this guy was certainly competent. He mentioned that the most calls he is getting is for the Vzio tvs for repair. Keeps him quite busy. I wasn't interested in tvs and didn't ask him which model but my guess it was not just model. I told yeah I had seen those in Costco and they had good prices from the quick glance I had seen of them. I think in this case you get what you pay for with Vzio.

Do not buy HP directly from HP since they only have a 17 return period. Yeah that is right. By the time they build it and ship it you have little time to do discovery. If I would have bought the same HP or nearly the same unit at Costco I could have returned it with 90 days no questions asked. I would have also gotten another year warranty added to the one year warranty the manufacturer offered. HP treats their direct customer worse than their Costco customers. That is why I really would like to buy a new tv through Costco just incase the worst case senario happens. But they don't seem to have much in the 50" size that is no more than 900.00 from what I can tell maybe this Xmas they may have a better selection online.
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My Room is pretty small, like 8 SQ feet not counting closet space. I can either mount a TV on my wall NEXT to my window or on a Stand in front of my window. Manager says he doesn't care if we mount things on walls like pictures and the like so I've got a clear shot at that. I was looking at a 32 inch Samsung LCD 720p and it looks like it would fit rather well. I don't know the exact model but it's 430 bucks at walmart so I've been scoping it out. I'm just a student ATM so I really have very little financial freedom, is this a good buy?

I'll be playing both PS3 and XBOX 360 on it(mostly PS3) and I'll be watching standard def DirecTV. I have a Stereo set up and speakers are magnetized so I'm wondering how far away I should keep it from the setup to prevent damage. I have the speakers about 8 or 9 inches away from my current TV which is a SD box-type.

You can probably tell I'm completely new to all this so I don't need anything ridiculous or over the top, I just need something that will work. I heard a lot about motion blur and such so I'd like some opinions on Samsung as a brand in general if I can get them. Thanks for any help.
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If you plan to game, you want an LCD with an IPS panel, or a plasma. All others will have significant input lag, which will make it seem like you are playing all your games through a slow internet connection.

This basically limits you to these options:

1. Panasonic (all Panasonics are IPS panels)
2. Hitachi (make sure its an IPS panel)
3. LG (make sure its an IPS panel)

Sharp also has low input lag, but its not IPS, so there have been some reports of excessive motion blur.
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After going to Wal-Mart, yeah I know not the best place to see all the tvs, there were quite a few of many different brands and wanted to see what the difference was between 60hz, 120hz and 240hz.

I have to say I don't think these tvs are that great for the money they are asking. I also think there are way too many complaints about them across the board. Too glossy, bad speakers, pixeling, stuck pixels, lines of pixels, total assortment of electrical issues, shoddy panels, not good in daylight, shorter lifespan than plasmas or crts, and the list goes on and on. Not to mention shoddy customer service, return policies and way too short warranty on these big ticket items. Who can afford to walk away from a 2K tv after only a year or so when it craps out? That is insane.

In our desperation for better technology and the long wait and as our old tvs die out we are forced to accept the meager offerings this handful of companies decide. If ever there was price fixing this is it.

I don't think most folks in these hard pressed economic times are going to spend that kind of money right now if they have a choice. Basically I want a dumb terminal with better pixiling. They can't do that for 600.00 or less? You used to be able to buy a tv for about 400-600 and get a good Japanese tv that lasted over a decade. They blew the U.S. makes out of the water. Now all I see are off shore tvs that are more hype and dollars than anything else.

I think we painted ourselves into the corner. They enter the market place sell low gain market share and then squeeze American manufacturers to extinction. Then up go the prices. We can say that about the automobile industry as well as other industries.
When the American public says enough of shoddy products from overseas then you see a shift. We saw that with Ford they are only down 11% compared to 30% for Toyota etc.

I think we need a Ford executive team to take on these lcd overseas tv manufacturers with U.S. company and raise the bar and lower the prices. IMHO. Don't attack me just being patriotic and practical if that is possible to do both.

I think I shall wait them out even longer.

I hope there is a way I can stream from my computer to old crts other than Roku. I am surprised no one makes an adapter like Roku with rca connections to stream from pc to tv that works well and I can stream open content. I am no video snob since I live comfortably with crts but when I look at these new tvs I was expecting so much more and really do not see the need to spend so much for tvs that need to be vetted more and the prices brought down and I am not even including the led tvs.
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If you're looking to buy American, you could get a Vizio. They are based in the USA, but all the TV manufacturing is done in Asia, just like all the other manufacturers.
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Hey! I'm currently looking for a TV and I need your help!

Budge - Around $900
Seating Distance - No more than 10ft.
Size - 42 - 47 inch range
Uses and Sources - Gaming (XBOX 360 and PS3) - Must have low input lag!
Lighting - Light or dark
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Looking for a 52" LCD or LED TV for my family room. The size is basically the largest I can get away with without it looking odd in the room.

For now, I am limiting the brands to Samsung, Sharp, and Sony. First, is this wise? Are there any other makes worth considering?

The room that the set will go in is somewhat bright and there are large glass windows opposite the TV. Unfortunately, we are limited in the arrangement of the TV.

Haven't purchased a TV in the last three years so I am somewhat out of the loop in terms of the pros and cons between the old flat panel LCD and the newer LED. I have heard from some that the display on the LCD may actually be better than LED. Is this true? What do you get for LED besides slightly thinner and energy efficiency?

I am not interested in 3D.

My TV watching consists primarily of sports.

My budget is about 2k (but I'll glad less).
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I was thinking about getting a Samsung LN32C450, but I have a couple of questions to anyone who has this tv. How is it for gaming and how is the picture quality?
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Originally Posted by ocrazor View Post

If you plan to game, you want an LCD with an IPS panel, or a plasma.

Thanks for the advice (although your original statement wasn't directed to me). I'm looking at a Panasonic Viera d24 series TV and it has 120 hz refresh rate and it says it has an IPS panel. However, it does not say what the response time is. I've heard on these forums that < 5ms response time is good for gaming. I play FPS's so low input lag is important to me. Does anyone know what this TV's response time is? Or if it is good for gaming?
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Looking at buying a 46-50" TV for my office. It will be used primarily for Football (DirecTV) and Blu-Ray's ...

I'm partial to Samsung but won't turn down other brands. What models should I be comparing? Any unbeatable labor day deals at the big box stores?
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Originally Posted by Bestjewsincejc View Post

I've heard on these forums that < 5ms response time is good for gaming. I play FPS's so low input lag is important to me.

Response time and input lag are separate things. Input lag can be "improved" by disabling additional processing done by the set. Response time is a fixed attribute of the panel (though there may be a "game mode" that can help).

Panasonic doesn't specify information for either of those attributes, so you may want to dig around the model specific thread to see what owners have to say.

Personally, I'm looking at the LG 47LD520 as it's had good feedback - here's the thread
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Originally Posted by BRETTB19 View Post

Hi guys, first post so I'm hoping I get it done properly.

My current 52" Samsung lcd is a couple years old and dying a quick death. It was taking an hour to turn on last week, about 6 hours yesterday of it clicking on/off/on/off etc

The current one is wall-mounted and the viewing area / living room is setup perfectly for it. I plan on a 55" and *assume* the wall mount will work with the new TV. (current samsung measures 54" x 30.5" on the wall for reference)

1. Budget - $1700 would be nice, $2100 is my maximum.

2. Seating distance - 7ft - 12ft

3. Size/placement limitations - Should not be an issue

4. Uses and sources - PS3, Dish network(1080i), toshiba hd-dvd for reualar dvd watching< all using HDMI switched through an onkyo reveiver and a sinle hdmi cable to the tv)

5. Room lighting - multiple ligh controlling options, maybe a semi-bright living area during mid-day.

I plan on 80% tv of which 95%+ will be in hd, and 20% dvd/blurays.
Football season is starting up so figure for alot of NFL game time to be watched.

I'm not sure on the difference between led-lcd and 'true-led' and I'm not too keen on the 3-D unless there is just a pressing reason to get one. And trying to look at them in person (est buy, walmart, etc) doesnt help since none are calibrated worth a darn. You know the $700 no name looking 10x better than a $4000 name brand and what not.

Sorry for going on, please let me know some suggestions, favorites, places to shop, etc


This is a well known problem and can be fixed by changing some caps on the power supply board. Google Samsung LCD clicking problem and you will find out how to do it. some have reported that Samsung will fix the problem.
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1. Budget: (max) $1500 CDN
2. Seating distance: Around 8-12 ft
3. Size/placement limitations: Need to place this in a niche, that is approx 60inches wide and 14inches deep (see picture)
4. Uses and sources: This will be the main viewing set for TV... variety of uses from tv shows, movies, sports, and PS3.
5. Room lighting: decent lighting... window behind viewing area

I`ve been comparing:
1. Sony KDL-46EX500 (colors seem a bit dull though)
2. Samsung LN46C650 (good PQ, but hate the way the bezel looks)

And now, -I`ve been looking at the Sony KDL-HX701 (it`s a few hundred dollars more, but I like the way it looks)...

Any suggestions? (mainly is the HX701 worth the extra money?)
I know the HX701 is 240hz (though I dont think it really makes a difference), but it has the Bravia3 engine vs. the EX500 which only has Bravia2.

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The SAMSUNG LN40C550 40" 1080P 60Hz LCD TV is on sale for $600 at Newegg and today is the last day of the sale. If I sell my current 23" 720p Samsung LCD to my sister for $250 I could get that TV for $350.

Budget: $800 max, I am a college student with a lot of loans
Seating Distance: 5-10ft for a 10x11' small bedroom but plan to move out of parents house in a few years
Uses: PS3, 360, Wii, PC Gaming, HD and SD TV programming
Requirements: Must be 1080p, Samsung, 37-46", Could care less about 3D

60Hz, 120Hz, 240Hz

Is it still viable to go 60Hz LCD or should I strongly consider a 120Hz or 240Hz LED TV?
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Hello all - we are looking to replace our 60" that is about 7 years old. I've read through this thread and also looked at the manufacturer sites but still have questions and would love some recommendations. Situation is as follows:

Expected life: 5+ years
Budget: Under 2,000-4,500
Size: TV fits into a built in that is 60" wide and 42" high. Looking at Mfg. specs that equates to a 60", which is my current TV size (but it is old school so it has tons of speaker front space and border).
Lighting: Lots of natural light in the room - walkout basement with huge windows
3D: Not important to me but will keep TV for long time so get it now for the future?
Apps: Will likely hook up the new AppleTV to this so not sure I need the apps or will they replace the need for AppleTV?
Brand preference: Good experience historically with Samsung and Sony but open minded.

Thanks for any recommendations.
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OK, so I've been shopping for a new set and after thinking I was ready to pull the trigger multiple times, only to reconsider, I'm now at the point that my brain is scrambled and I need some advice.

I am looking for the following:
-52"-60" display in the $1500-$2K range
-minimal input lag (or at least a gaming mode that offers it)
-must produce nice black blacks (a lot of my favorite films are very dark and almost unwatchable on my 4 year old Sharp LCD...this new display must address this)
-fairly low power consumption (big knock against plasma)
-fairly low heat output (another big knock against plasma)

I DON'T need Netflix, or 3D capabilities, or a built-in toaster oven.

I don't really care if the screen is glossy or matte, as the room is painted dark colors and has only one small window (it's a basement room). As you might guess, this will ultimately be for a home theater/man cave arrangement.

I've strongly considered the Toshiba 55SV670U, but its price has increased significantly as of late, it has been discontinued and does not appear to have an equivalent replacement, and also might not meet my power requirement (do back-lit LED sets use more juice than edge-lit?).

Any suggestions? I know what I want, but I'm having trouble finding it. The marketing jargon and general worthlessness of manufacturer spec sheets has seemingly only gotten worse since I bought my last set.
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May I ask here - Are LED/LCD TV's worth it? I know all questions are supposed to be in this thread... I see a lot of questions, but not a lot of answers. I hope someone reads these in this long thread.

I feel lost because I don't know if the LED backlighting thing is good or bad... And I don't know what 'ghosting' is and a few other terms I've read about in the threads. I'm trying to learn!!!

I'm looking for 32"-40" TV for dark bedroom. About 10' viewing distance. Budget - $500-$1000. Have been considering LG or Samsung. Do some gaming - Wii. With things coming down the pike - do I want to consider the wifi-ready capability now? And 3D? I'm just so overwhelmed.

Currently have Sony KDL 46W5100 in family room. Unfiortunately, it's a very bright room (looking for darkening curtains). Love the TV if you're sitting directly in front of it. It is difficult to see if you're off center.

Thanks so much to anyone who has any advice! I do appreciate ANY thoughts!

AND - Should I definitely hold out for 120hz instead of 60?? This also confuses me from what the guys at BB tell me every time I go in there.
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