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post #6721 of 6733 Unread 05-22-2015, 07:09 AM
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I use the curved JU7500 40" as my main monitor - it's fantastic.
Full 4K 60hz 4:4:4 support. You need an nVidia 9-series card to go with it.

As far as TV size, ALWAYS go as big as you can afford. The bigger the better. My 70" is too dang small. Looking to get a Sharp 80 UH30 when they come out.

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Hi - all given this size of the room below.. I don't have the actually size of the Fire place with me.. and the brightness of the room.. looking at a 65LED or above- what would you recommend to mount on the fire place we don't want to keep the TV where it is currently at- looking at the js8500 samsung- or may just go with a non 4k set. and would that mounting have to much neck strain..
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Hi everyone, first time poster requesting unusual advice.

I have a brightly lit family room with Glass Sliding Doors all around. I would like to do a setup with 4 TVs forming a video wall. Seating distance is about 10'.
Bezel size is a consideration for this application and so is picture quality. TVs will be used to watch regular TV shows and movies. No gaming or any other special needs.
I can use 55" or 60" TVs in the space to form the video wall and not look too overwhelming in the room.
I have been looking at the 2015 Vizio M or the Samsung UN H7150 for this application based on reviews I have been reading online.
One is a 4k set and the other is a 1080P. Any suggestions regarding these 2 units or some other options to consider?

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Looking to replace my Samsung 63" plasma, the 7000 series. It's starting to get the pink bars on a full white screen, plus I need something bigger. Bottom line though I can wait if the 'right" TV for me is just around the corner. Unfortunately projection is not an option. My setup:
1. Budget - $10k, although I would much prefer to spend less.
2. Seating distance - 15 feet. Room really won't allow for me to sit closer.
3. Size/placement limitations - None, except I have to wall mount.
4. Uses and sources - 50/50 Fios TV and an Oppo 103D.
5. Room lighting - I can control light in the room.

I have my eyes set on the Samsung 85" 8550, but those are at the top of my price range and don't seem to have a newer model coming. Plus they don't look like they will support the newer specs coming out. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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Originally Posted by Hyrax View Post
Hi -
I'm looking for a 4K tv to try to use as a computer monitor. Has anyone got recommendations? I'd really like to know if it is a stupid idea.

I'll be sitting 2.5-3 feet from it, so I assume that I should get a smaller size (40-43") screen. But I wonder if something like Sony's 48.5" 830c would be too big. I don't want to turn my head from side to side as I program. I suppose I could wall mount it and move my desk back a foot or two.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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So I bought a 65LB5200, I'm fairly satisfied with the TV except that it has a faulty HDMI port. So I have the option to exchange for the same thing or pay $250 more for a 65LB6300. Main differences I see are an increased refresh rate, IPS panel, and Smart functions. I could care less about the smart functions. I've noticed a little lag in games but not horrible, the semigloss screen isn't too reflective, non hd programming looks like ass however, blu Rays look great as well as games. Sometimes I get an occasional frame skip or slowdown no matter the source. My set doesn't suffer from extreme black light bleed which seems to be the luck of the draw with the 65LB5200.

Anybody here have these TVs and care to comment? I need the accidental warranty microcenter offers so basically that's the place I have to choose from and these are the only 2 65" under $1000. I know that's not a huge budget and you get what you pay for, I don't need the best but want something with low input lag, low motion blur, decent blacks, limited back light bleed and last a few years.

The room is medium on natural light, none really directly on the screen, I sit 10ft away, and will be using it for a Roku 3, PS4/Xbox One/PS3/360/Wii U

Advice? Keep what I have or upgrade to the 65LB6300 when I exchange? Thanks!
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Originally Posted by dalto View Post
JS8500 will have improved contrast and support for HDR and WCG. Those are things that most people would not notice given your proposed usage. The thing that would be most noticeable would be better detail in dark/shadow areas. It all depends how picky you are. If you didn't compare them side by side you probably would not know what you were missing.

As for 65" for 75" my recommendation would be to grab some painters tape and throw it on the wall in both TV sizes where you are planning to put the TV. Than go back to your sitting position and decide what you prefer.

There are precious few TVs that are capable of being used as a good 4K monitor this year. Mot, including the Sony, are not capable of 4K resolutions at 60Hz.

For programming I like using a pair of large 16x10 monitors in portrait orientation.

Thank you for your help. I think you're right. The JU7100 will probably do the trick. Its a really good tv and probably plenty for my non-movie TV. Is not having HDR a big deal though?
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Originally Posted by Jason Strobel View Post
Is not having HDR a big deal though?
Maybe? Probably? Definitely?

HDR is a big deal in terms of technology. If it offers for more realistic contrast than we have seen in TVs in the past.

HDR is a big deal for movies. Movies are probably the first place we will see HDR implemented and studios are already starting to commit to this.

I believe HDR will also become common in games in the future.

How prevalent HDR will be in broadcast TV is unclear to me.

The challenge is you can look at every feature of a TV and have this same conversation. It is more about how important it is to you and how much you are willing to spend.
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65" TV suggestions for around $1200

Just got a new house and 1st things 1st....I need a TV for the family room and just looking for something to watch Netflix and very light TV watching. The main couch is about is about 16 feet from where the TV will be mounted. As soon as work slows down I will post pics of the basement and my ideas of dedicated Theater Room and bar, but for now just a TV and would appreciate any feed back. Since this is basic/light watching I was trying to keep it around $1200 or less. Here are the two I have my eye on:

* E65-C3 Vizio 65" ($1000)
* UN65H6350 Samsung 65" ($1200)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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Hi guys,

I'm trying to decide whether I should purchase the Sony 55x850c, currently at $1600 or perhaps spend a bit more and go with the Samsung 8500 which is now at $1999.

I am leaning towards the Sony, and I like the Android TV much better than the Tizen OS. But from what I've read the 8500 has a better picture overall.

Otherwise, I could always just wait too.

I definitely want to stick to 55" and $2k or less. Must be flat. Mostly TV watching with occasional movies.


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Let this post be a cautionary tale: LISTEN to your fellow AVSforum fellows. They have your back.
(Or, Trials and Tribulations of a Discount Buyer)
(Or, My Experience with My New Samsung UN55HU8550)

I should have listened to you. But I let the GF sway me. And now I have buyer's remorse. The GF may have to go.

So, I ended up going with the Samsung UN55HU8550, mostly because I found a hella deal on it for $1000. It was one of the best rated TVs of last year's models, and I can't figure out why. And for the record, I played the Samsung Panel Lottery and won: it DOES have the Samsung panel (55A1UU8EH), but I can't get this thing dialed in to a good picture to save my life. And also, if it IS upscaling to 4k, I sure can't tell. We had a little Harry Potter marathon and watched three 1080p Blu-Rays. I expected at least HD quality, and hoped the upscaling would give them a little bump, but honestly, they looked like DVD quality. Terrible.

Actually, to be fair, it looks spectacular on Xbox One games: Metal Gear Solid V looks like a movie. Very nice. But Blu-Rays (Xbox One through a Denon X2100W), and broadcast TV both look terrible. 3D (Guardians of the Galaxy 3D) looks pretty good (all the color issues I'm having aside), but the active 3D hurts my head after a while. I wish there was a passive 3D 4K out there.

After I pulled it out of the box, and marveled at how thin and light it was compared to my old TV, I hooked it up, turned it on, and ran through the initial setup. I turned on a local broadcast station broadcasting the news in 1080 with Dolby Digital sound....and it looked terrible. Really, really bad. Contrast lines, color pumped up to Willy Wonka levels, lobster faces. The blacks were black, but the whites were pink. Blues painfully bright. Greens dull and lifeless.

So, I reset it to factory and started over. Set it to Movie Mode (although through the process I also tried the other modes, as well, since some every mode has settings that are grayed out), and went through all of the settings...fiddled with everything. I've got it dialed in to where it's watchable, but it seems like over every half hour or so, the colors have drifted off and I have to go back in fiddle some more. Sometimes it looks like I need to turn the color up, and on other scenes it needs to go down. I think the biggest problem is that the whites are still pink (although when I sit down and do the 10pt calibration...the only thing I haven't done yet...I think that problem will be minimized), but also: faces are still pink (even with face tone turned way down), blues are still super intense, greens are still dull, yellows are orange. And when I think I finally have it looking watchably ok, I continue on (in the same movie) and the colors are all off again a half hour later. The settings aren't changing, they have stayed where I set them, it just looks bad.

I tried screen-mirroring my phone and using the THX tune-up to get a rough calibration, but there are a lot of settings...especially color settings...that aren't available in the screen-mirroring mode. I ordered both the Spears and Munsil and Disney WOW calibration blu-rays, so I'll try again with those tonight and see if I can get some better results.

1. Is there any way to unlock ALL of the settings at one time? Or, what mode gives me access to the most possible calibration options? It's frustrating when I want to try adjusting a setting and it's grayed out.

2. Any tips on doing the 10pt calibration?

3. Is the 4k upscaling a setting somewhere I haven't found that can be turned on and off. Because it sure doesn't look it's even trying.
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Originally Posted by CeeAnton View Post
So, I ended up going with the Samsung UN55HU8550, mostly because I found a hella deal on it for $1000
You should probably post this in the owners thread for the Hu8550. I don't think many people will see it here.
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Hey guys, got a pickle. So have 53" of width to work with. Newer 55" have such thin bezels and sit much lower than my current Vizio xvt553SV model with wider frame, that just makes it in the space, the space/gap and look is pretty anemic with a new Samsung I just got. Which I'm not real impressed with, whole other story. Although the World thinks it is supposed to be amazing, somewhat it is, but the JU7100 isn't all that special, and the small frame size looks silly in my custom built in now.

I would really like to get a 60" in the space. The narrowest I've found that would fit is the LG60UF8500 at 52.9" that has just some out. It would be touching the walls pretty much when perpendicular or really have like .1" gap. But would fit.

I've found a few other sets, closest at 53.1" width. Think that was a 1080p LG also. But I can't find any other brand that can make the 53" or narrower width than this. Most are at around 53.5-53.7" width and don't think it would make it without being angled and looking stupid.

I know...either live with a better quality smaller 55", or find another one with a larger framing of the actual picture to fit the space. Gotta wife to please as well and can't take a wrecking ball to my custom cabinets...haha

Anybody got some ideas/specs on anything of good quality at is 53" or touch smaller at 60" diag...appreciate it.
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