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xNiTRo's Avatar xNiTRo 02:18 PM 10-17-2010
I've been trying to find out if this particular model has a "Vyper Drive", after searching for any info about this model but with no luck.

This one site DOES say it has a vyper drive, but I don't know if this information is reliable:

Vyper Drive pretty much eliminates input lag on a TV (which is useful for video gamers who don't want any lag on their TV)

It's pretty hard to find any TV's with the Vyper Drive here in the Greater Toronto Area. One guy had a TV with the Vyper Drive, but tried to rip me off so I wasn't interested.

Can anyone help me out here?

Guibs's Avatar Guibs 03:42 PM 10-17-2010
Not 100% sure but I think all sharp comes with vyper drive. Vyper drive is a marketing therm by sharp to describe the fact they deactivate most of the picture processing on their tv to reduce input lag.

Anyway, I am yet to see a sharp tv with something more than 30 ms in game mode. If input lag is important to you than you can't go wrong with a sharp.
reventon's Avatar reventon 04:31 PM 02-20-2011
Yes it does! If you go to there is a brochure that lists all the tvs with vyper drive.

I was also looking at the LG LD450 series. According to it has low input lag. It is only 60hz however.
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