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GooseNix01's Avatar GooseNix01 11:02 PM 10-27-2010
We purchased a new bravia kdl52w5150 on Feb 2, 2010 and on Sunday while we were sitting down to eat dinner, we turned the tv off. Turned it on 20-30 minutes later and there was/is a nice red/blue/green line going down the left side of our screen along with what looks like a crack. Nobody was near the tv, nobody has touched the tv, and it is placed on a tv rather than mounted.

I've done some research and have found a few others that have had this issues as well. I've contacted Sony and did some troubleshooting (nothing helped) and they sent me to an authorized tech to schedule a service call.

Can anybody shed any light on what might have happened? Has anyone had this issue? Also note: there is NO physical damage to the tv. I hoping that it won't take me forever to get this issue resolved, but by the complaints that I see, I'm gonna have along road ahead of me.

Any ideas?

Extreme_Boky's Avatar Extreme_Boky 02:39 AM 10-28-2010
Originally Posted by GooseNix01 View Post

....there was/is a nice red/blue/green line going down the left side of our screen along with what looks like a crack.
Any ideas?

picture speaks a thousand words...

GooseNix01's Avatar GooseNix01 11:16 PM 10-28-2010

Well, how bad do you think it is?
GooseNix01's Avatar GooseNix01 11:18 PM 10-28-2010
I should also say that "crack" that you see, is on the inside of the screen. The screen glass is smooth as the day we got it.
Extreme_Boky's Avatar Extreme_Boky 01:41 AM 10-29-2010
It wasn't really clear from your initial post, but now with the photo... the screen suffered damage beyond repair, it has cracked for whatever reason, and this is very unusual. I can only speculate why... maybe it was slightly damaged during transport, maybe it is over tightened in its frame and/or that frame is over tightened to the TV frame...the TV was moved around and the panel was flexed... you will need new LCD panel unfortunately - this pretty much means you'll be better of getting the new TV because LCD panels bought as spares cost MORE than the whole, brand new TV.

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