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raislak's Avatar raislak 10:14 PM 11-14-2010
GV42L & HDMI overscan
So I have had the GV42L for a while and notice there is definite overscan.

The menu & manual seem to indicate no way to adjust the horizontal or vertical, and to date only by using Boxee on my Apple TV (a while ago) and Vudu on my LG BD390 was I able to adjust the settings only when those software applications were running.

Any ideas on how to fix this once for all devices?


Hyjinx30's Avatar Hyjinx30 10:21 PM 11-14-2010
Normally, what makes the Vizio so affordable is its lack of options and settings. Also cheaper less accuarate components. Not having correct math or compnents within certain strict guidlines, you may experience overscan and any other general picture issue. Older tube TVs were easy fixes, re-capping the set would take care of overscan issues. On newer sets, especially the value-line ones, you get the worst case scenario; cheaper parts and no options to compensate for their in adequacies.

If its within the return policy, i'd recommend a name brand set, possibly even a plasma if its a cost issue.

Hopefully that helps answer your question.
raislak's Avatar raislak 06:44 PM 11-15-2010
Thanks Hyjinx.

Unfortunately the unit is over 2 years old so returning it isn't an option.

It was my first big purchased, and aside from the overscan, I've had no complaints after I tuned all the settings for a very high quality picture.

Hyjinx30's Avatar Hyjinx30 09:25 PM 11-15-2010
Sorry to hear that.
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