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antiusername's Avatar antiusername 06:37 PM 12-30-2010
Okay, here's the deal: I'm using a fairly old (~8-10 years) 36" CRT as a display for my PS3. When playing Gran Turismo 5, my biggest complaint is how the 4:3 aspect ratio narrows the field of view, which basically means you have to enter tight corners blind and just guess where you're going to apex.

Normally, this isn't a problem. However, I'm very dedicated to the GT Academy competition where less than 0.800 separates 1st and 60th place (at least at Tsukuba). So entering a corner blind and guessing for the apex is entirely out of the question if you want to be competitive. I can force the PS3 to output a 16:9 image which grants the full field of view, but my TV displays the image as 4:3, so everything appears narrow.

I've been considering replacing my CRT with an LCD for quite a while, and this field of view issue is just about the proverbial last straw. However, with such little margin for error in GT Academy, I don't want to introduce significant input lag. To complicate things more, I'm on a super tight budget (<$470).

My first thought was to go for a 24"-26" Asus monitor. However, with my steering wheel set up and my seat positioned correctly, I feel like a 26" display would be too small and I can't exactly just move closer to the screen. So then I started looking at low-end 32"-37" LCD TVs. Right now, I'm considering a Vizio E370VL (37", 1080p, 60 Hz) and a Hitachi L32S504 (32", 1080p, 120 Hz). Image quality (color reproduction, black blacks, no backlight bleed, etc.) isn't a top priority. Of course, I don't want something that is horrendous to watch or has so much ghosting that it becomes difficult to follow what's going on. The Hitachi is about $100 cheaper than the Vizio at my local Sam's Club, which is a plus. GT5 doesn't output at 120 Hz, so that feature is pretty useless to me.

A post in the "Input Lag Wars" thread has a lag test of the Hitachi which has an input lag of 46-78ms. I searched high and low and couldn't find an input lag test for the Vizio. If every steering, throttle, and brake input is delayed by 0.046 seconds turn after turn after turn, it would seem that you're going to lose a lot of time to driving errors over the course of a lap (keep in mind, I'm talking differences of 0.010 sec. separating several places). I sort of just answered my own question in writing this post, but I would still like to get some experienced feedback.

Is 46-78ms considered a lot of input lag or am I just being obsessively picky? I understand all LCDs will inherently have some input lag, but the whole point of buying an LCD is to gain an edge from the increased field of view. It would be utterly pointless if that edge is diminished by driver error as a result of input lag.

Are there any LCD displays with minimal input lag to be had for less than $470?

Lastly, is there any place that still sells widescreen CRT displays in the 37" sub-$470 range. I'm not necessarily looking for HD resolution (though it would be nice to be able to read text without having to zoom in for once). The wider field of view is more important than higher resolution for this application.

Whew. Long post.
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VarmintCong's Avatar VarmintCong 08:10 PM 12-30-2010
I sold my 1080i CRT, 34" XBR800 two years ago for $300. Get one of those off craigslist, but get the better one, think it's XBR960?

Last I heard, a VGA cable had the lowest lag. I use that for my XBox and A650 LCD. But I could swear there was less lag on my old CRT.

If it's really 48-70ms, that would suck.
Powerincarnate's Avatar Powerincarnate 08:38 PM 12-30-2010
Or get one of those cheap 720P plasmas that sell in the $400+ range. You will get zero ghosting due to response time, and usually u will get better input lag than an LCD.

Plus, you get the added benefit of it being 40 or 42 inches, and thus bigger than any of the choices you mentioned.
PoisonWolf's Avatar PoisonWolf 08:53 PM 12-30-2010

Under the display settings, you should be able to tell the PS3 that you're using a 4:3 tele and it'll give you a letterbox (with black bars top and bottom).

I think this is the case or it might have been for the PSP Slim output. Give it try. See if there is a 4:3 setting!
antiusername's Avatar antiusername 09:28 PM 01-08-2011
Originally Posted by PoisonWolf View Post


Under the display settings, you should be able to tell the PS3 that you're using a 4:3 tele and it'll give you a letterbox (with black bars top and bottom).

I think this is the case or it might have been for the PSP Slim output. Give it try. See if there is a 4:3 setting!

You can tell the PS3 to display in 4:3 or 16:9, regardless of screen resolution. Only problem is, if you output a 16:9 image to a 4:3 display, it just skews the 16:9 image to fit a 4:3 display. No letterboxing.

Anyway, after stepping away from my computer for a few hours and cooling down, I was able to make much better sense of the "Input Lag Wars" thread and decided to go with a LG 37LD450. Went to Best Buy and they had two units in stock, both of which had the IPS panels. Only slightly out of my budget, but it was do-able so I picked one up. I haven't noticed any discernible lag yet, but I'll hopefully be able to confirm that a proper lag test when I have the chance to set up my PC and a CRT display.
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