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03-24-2011 | Posts: 129
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We bought a brand new vizio lcd tv for my aunt, but she is having trouble with the remote or the remote sensor. I believe it is the sensor, because I have tried a universal remote and it does the same thing.

The problem is whenever I push in the buttons to select a channel number, sometimes the selection won't register, or sometimes the selection will duplicate. For instance, if I were to enter channel 71, sometimes I get 771, or 777, or 711. This is the same for all the numbers, not just the 7 and 1 in this example. Also, sometimes the TV will just shut itself off when I press a channel selection.

I spoke with Vizio and they suggested powering down the TV and the remote and trying again. This didn't solve anything. They offered to send us a new remote, but again, I don't think it is the remote's fault due to a separate universal remote having the same trouble.

I am still within the walmart return window, so I will probably be taking this back this weekend, but I just wondered if anyone else ran into this issue with Vizio and if there was a solution or just something that happens.
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