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mattinker's Avatar mattinker 12:17 PM 09-12-2011

I couldn't find anything on my problem, so a new thread!

I have an LG 37LF2510 for which I naively bought a Sony DAV-TZ230 Home cinema, thinking it would be plug and play!

My problem is that the only way to get the sound "out" of the television is through the phone jack (and no control over the quality of the sound!)! Into the the DAV-TZ230 through a synch RCA in adapter! Everything else has no output from the television, neither HDMI, synch nor RCA jacks!

There must be a way of doing this!

Regards, Matthew

mes444's Avatar mes444 01:04 PM 09-12-2011
Your tv should have a optical audio output. Plug an optical cable from it into the sound system and you'll get sound.
mattinker's Avatar mattinker 04:13 PM 09-12-2011
My TV has an optical output, but the HC has only Scart and HDMI

I'm looking for a hidden menu or something of that kind.

Regards, Matthew
mes444's Avatar mes444 05:06 PM 09-12-2011
If you are using a cable or satellite box (or whatever type box you have over there) you can run audio cables straight out of the box into your sound system if they have matching audio type cable output and input. Usually HDMI from the box into the sound system then HDMI from the sound system into the tv.
mattinker's Avatar mattinker 08:25 AM 09-13-2011
So obvious when it's done, but nothing in the instructions to tell you!

Regards, Matthew
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