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09-16-2011 | Posts: 2
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Hello. I have a problem with my 32 philips lcd. It's a 32pfl3403d/27. The problem is I can turn it on and watch tv for about 30 min or so then the tv would go black. The power indicator would stay on though and my remote and buttons on the tv won't respond. I've opened up the tv to see if it could be bad capacitors or something but there are no signs of such problems.

One thing is that I'm using a 13A 125v power cord because I've misplaced it's original cord and the tv's specs says to use 90-110v. Could this be the problem? I've already ordered it's OEM cord and waiting for it's arrival. Does this seem logical that it'd be the problem the tv is acting up?

If I receive the cord and use it and it still does this, what other problem would be wrong with the power supply if it isn't bad capacitors?

BTW I'm am no where near knowledgable in electronics. All I know is through research and I've seen a thread on here with the same symptoms but they also suggest bad capacitors. I'm hoping it's just the cord so I dont have to fork out money for a new power supply.

Thanks in advanced!
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A 13A 125v power cord, as long as the connector fits properly, is not your problem.

Additionally, the symptom for the bad electrolytic capacitor problem, that affected many computers and TVs built 3-6 years ago, was that they stopped turning on at all.

From the information you supplied, your problem seems to be related to heating and the power supply would be the first place to look (e.g. if it fails to produce the needed outputs (e.g. voltage and current), downstream circuits will not operate.

Fortunately, with a working knowledge in electronics and a multimeter, a power supply problem is fairly easy to diagnose, repair and/or replace.

If you have a friend, neighbor with this ability, upon failure, I would begin with checking the power supply output voltages. They will be marked on the printed circuit board near the connector. In general, there may be up to (4) required outputs (e.g. 5V always on needed for turn on sequence, then for operation....5V to power the logic circuits, 12V and/or 18V to power the audio/backlight circuits).

If one of the output voltages is not correct, you'll have to diagnose the problem down to a faulty component level (requires additional knowledge, skills) or purchase a new power supply board (about $50-60).

One other thought is that many older sets required a cooling fan, if so, is it working?

Another consideration is that the prices on newer/better models have fallen dramatically. For example, 32" HDTVs are readily available on sale for $250-$300, or even an upgrade in size for not much more.
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09-18-2011 | Posts: 2
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thank you for your input! very helpful. I guess I'll just purchase a new power supply!
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