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destiny 21's Avatar destiny 21 12:25 PM 10-01-2011
hi i am looking to buy the best non 3d tv possible. looking for a 65 inch or 70 inch led or plasma. have no intrest in 3d so i just want the best 2 d picture i can find. any help would be niice
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r1dude57's Avatar r1dude57 12:54 PM 10-01-2011
The best performing 2D sets will have 3D included. If you want only 2D, you will have to sacrifice some PQ, as the sets with only 2D are more on the bottom level of the lineups.
Steve S's Avatar Steve S 09:12 PM 10-01-2011
All the top of the line sets are 3D capable. Among midrange leds the 2D performance is about the same between 2D and 3D sets--for example the 2D Sony EX620's 2D is as good as that of the 3D ex720, and a Samsung UNxx6000 will do 2D as well as the D6400 3D sets. Higher 3D models will have slightly better 2D and the top end local dimmers are the best.

Plasma's a different story--the 2D on an ST30 or above Panny or a D7000 or above Samnsung will be so much better it justifys the extra cost even if you never use the 3D.
jzabrams's Avatar jzabrams 05:53 PM 01-01-2012
It appears Sony now puts a high gloss display standard on anything that has 3D? Since all of their high-end HDTV’s have 3D, it means there’s no more matte XBR’s. WTF?
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