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02-18-2012 | Posts: 69
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I'm hoping someone can shed some light on an unusual HDMI problem. I've had the HDMI input fail on my Samsung LN46C750; the set is 6 months old and was set up with my Denon AVR HDMI output feeding the Samsung HDMI 1 input. All was well for months until I powered up the set one day and received a "no signal" message. I tested by connecting my components (the AVR, Dishnetwork RXer, and Roku) directly to the Samsung HDMI inputs and still received the "no signal" message for all three connections. I tried a factory reset on the Samsung, then tested all three components again with three different cables, same results. I ultimately opened a service request with Samsung and had the main board in the set replaced. I fired everything up while the service person was here with my AVR connected to the Samsung HDMI 1 input and all was well. The next day, I received the "no signal" message again.
I haven't contacted Samsung yet; I don't mind having another service call for a main board replacement, but it seems odd that two would fail.
I tested again by connecting three different components directly to the Samsung with three different cables. When a device is connected to, say, HDMI input 2, then that input will appear in the source list like it's a valid source, but when selected does not work and I receive the "no signal" message. When no cable is connected to a particular HDMI port, that source is "greyed out", and a "check cable" message is displayed.
Can anyone offer any insight into what's happening? Am I really just unlucky and have another bad main board or is there some weird HDCP/handshake thing going on with my AVR and other components? One more thing to mention is that I had the same AVR and gear connected to a very similar LN46C650 for over a year without issues before I switched to the C750.
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02-18-2012 | Posts: 16,789
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Try each of your HDMI sources separtly on each HDMI input connector is there any source that works on one of the HDMI ports.
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02-18-2012 | Posts: 69
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Originally Posted by walford View Post

Try each of your HDMI sources separtly on each HDMI input connector is there any source that works on one of the HDMI ports.

I've tried the AVR, Roku, and Dishnetwork receiver individually using three seperate cables. I've tried all three individually on multiple HDMI ports, and I've tried them together on inputs 1, 2, and 3.
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02-18-2012 | Posts: 16,789
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Since you got the single AVR connection when the service man was there and failure when all 3 devices were again connected may imply that one of the other two devices is causing failure of the HDMI receiver chip. Do you have any power supply or lighting storm problems? Are all sources connected to the same outlet of power strip?
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02-19-2012 | Posts: 69
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all devices are on a surge protector and/or UPS w/protection. I'm starting to believe there's some bizzare HDCP thing/hanshake or sequence of events creating this problem.
This morning, I fired up the LN46C750 with my satellite receiver connected to HDMI 1, and received the "no signal" message. Then I took down my 22" B series Samsung from the kitchen and fed the satellite receiver to its HDMI input and all worked as expected. I tried the AVR's output on the 22" as well and all worked as expected. When I reconnected the AVR to the LN46C750 HDMI input 1, it came right up as though nothing had ever happened.
What the hell is going on? This is incredibly infuriating, never knowing if the damn thing will work and having to rearrange all my connections using component cables every time it fails.
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02-19-2012 | Posts: 16,789
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When it does not work have you tried turning the TV off and then back on again, I have to do that with my Vizion sometimes over HDMI to get it to recogonize the signal. Hot plugging HDMI or any connections is not a good idea.
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09-28-2012 | Posts: 1
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I have the exact problem, very frustrated indeed..
Have you find an explanation since youre last post?
Its seems that we are not alone, I've found a couple of people who have the same issue on different site .
The funny part is that Samsung technician says that they never ear of that problem , ********.

anyway please let me know if a solution comes up !

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01-24-2013 | Posts: 1
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Any further insight into this problem? I have a LN55C750R2F, which has worked just fine for ~2 years. I came home from vacation to find the cable box with fatal internal error. Replaced the cable box but all 4 HDMI inputs produce the "no signal" message described above. Even went out and bought a new Samsung blue-ray to check the inputs. The TV kind of sometimes seems to recognize a new or active HDMI input, bat after several seconds the "no signal" message comes up. Component inputs work fine. It's now out of warrantee, but befor I go spend $500 to have a new mainboard installed, I'd like not to be in the same situation in a month or two. Any feed back would be appreciated.

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06-07-2014 | Posts: 1,943
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Add me to the list. I'd had intermittent issues like this, but unplugging the tv, the sources and the AVR seemed to magically fix things... until this morning. I've tried every combo of cables, sources, resets and signal paths and they all result in "no signal". Looks like it's time to call Samsung yet again (Had 3 tv's from them, all of which had service at least once and were replaced in whole, twice due to failures).

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