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zEli173's Avatar zEli173 07:12 AM 03-16-2012
I'm in the market for a 46-52" LCD to replace my 50" Panasonic plasma.

I like my current Panasonic a lot but we're remodeling our apartment and I need a TV with a smaller footprint. In NYC every inch counts, it is really important that the hight and width dimensions be as small as possible relative to the screen size. So my criteria for selecting the LCD is that have reasonably good picture performance and have as compact a form factor as possible.

I've narrowed the choices down to the Samsung UN46ES8000F or the Panasonic TC-L47WT50. The primary driver of the selection are the narrow bezels on these models. I'd consider a screen size up to 52" but I don't know of any options that don't also add a lot to the footprint with wider bezels.

So looking on opinions on these two options as well as any other models I should consider.

jedi29's Avatar jedi29 07:25 PM 03-16-2012
You sound like me !

I too am in the market for a new tv and the WT50 is on my short list.

Was looking forward to getting more info about the Sammy ES8000 series , but when I read it only has 3 HDMI inputs , it has since been removed.

Still active on my list are :

LG 9600 series 47"
Toshiba 7200 series 47"

And don`t think for one moment that Sony doesn`t have an XBR planed for latter this year. They are not going to have the HX850 be there 2012 TOTL !!


G. 

O___ , there is still the huge question , Active or Passive ?

The Panny is Active and the other 2 listed are Passive.

What do your eyes tell U ?
zEli173's Avatar zEli173 08:34 AM 03-17-2012
THe LG 9600 looks interesting. Adding it to my list.
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