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mechman25's Avatar mechman25 05:13 PM 04-16-2012
Hi all.

I am ordering the components to build a new PC. I would like to use a 40-42" HDTV as my monitor. Going to be using the AMD HD 7850 video card, or close to that, which has HDMI output.

Are there any of the current crop of TV's that are better as monitors that others? Are there any to stay away from?
Does type of back lighting matter (ccfl or led)?
I am guessing a fairly low response time would be preferred.
Most demanding tasks would be gaming and possibly some video editing.
I would like to stay within the $500 - $700 range if possible.

I found some older threads on this topic but they are a couple of years old and would not cover any of the current TV's.

Thanks in advance.

Gregck's Avatar Gregck 07:19 PM 04-16-2012
I had a sony 40 inch ex720 and it was really good on response times, especially in game mode. Looks like the 40ex720 is pretty much sold out everywhere for the correct price (600-700) but you might have some at your local best buy. Don't expect the 3d to work though.

Panasonic has a few 40 inch plasmas that are really good.
EGOvoruhk's Avatar EGOvoruhk 03:45 AM 04-17-2012
Originally Posted by Gregck View Post

Don't expect the 3d to work though.

I don't know about AMD, but 3D gaming works fine for Nvidia on the 40EX720, you just need to pay for a 3DTV Play license from Nvidia
mechman25's Avatar mechman25 04:12 PM 04-17-2012
I never even thought about 3D gaming. Would you not have to have a 3D compatible TV as well?
tory40's Avatar tory40 11:20 PM 04-17-2012
I can't recommend 3D gaming enough. Do yourself a favor and at least try it out. There are free trials for Nvidia and Tridef. If you don't like it you can always go a different direction. Most of the medium and high-end TVs have 3D anyways and just about everything that is good for 3D makes the 2D picture better. 3D in games has much more 3D depth than movies and sort of looks like a window to a holodeck, only limited by resolution and current graphics technology. One caveat is that you are limited to 720p until TV's come out with the new faster HDMI chips that Silicone Image started sampling the middle of last year. I use a 46" monitor at the back of my desk (freeing up the entire desk) and love it, even at 720p. My last monitor was a 2560x1600 30", which i had for 4 years, so i was well used to high resolutions and yet still rate this a better experience at 720p in 3D. There are some more options, like side-by-side and checkerboard mode, which offer a little more resolution, Tridef supports SBS, and you can enable checkerboard with some Samsungs and DLPs. DLP's btw don't have crosstalk, or most.

Note: I would steer clear of the Sony EX series, it works, but it is known to have very high amounts of crosstalk. I've seen it in person.