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post #31 of 38 Old 12-27-2012, 11:13 AM
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I purchased the Sams Club version of this TV and so far I love it. Setup was a breeze, and the only thing I don't care for at this point was the sound (but I added an LG 300w Soundbar) to fix that. I've tested several Bluray discs, with the Star Wars Episode 3 looking so stellar it's probably the best BluRay experience I've ever had. We are watching the 55" approx. 8 ft away, which makes it feel almost too big.

I'm using the setting recommended above and the picture looks fantastic. Even the Panasonic Viera remote on my iPhone works great with it. I'm not sure why this is one of the lower end Panasonic (especially since the equivelant non-same non-costco version is $1699 reg). To my eyes - and everyone that has seen it, It looks absolutely fantastic - way better than my 42" LG (which I still love).

The sound leaves a lot to be desired, but in the end, when coupled with a proper sound bar or home theater system, it's pretty incredible for the price. I looked at the Visio 60" and it looked washed out and not nearly as good. The next better picture at Sams Club was a Samsung 60" that was $1600. I think for $890 at Sams, this was a bargain.
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how does this compare to the st30 panasonic series

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Hi All - I just purchased this set last night from Costco and I must say, I am very impressed with the overall picture. Yes - the out of box picture is terrible. But with some tweaking it is really very good. I went through 2 60" Zizio LED TV's that had dead pixels, blotches and a lip sync issue. I am really glad I purchased this. I don't understand why this set doesn't get more attention. C-Net rated it not well but I am certain they didn't calibrate it fully or give it the time it deserved. Yes, it's not perfect - but is there a perfect HDTV? Maybe if you spend 10K on OLED. I am more than happy picking up this set for $800 at Costco.

I calibrated this morning using Disney WOW - I figured I would share my settings to help:

Picture Mode: Custom
Backlight: +45
Contrast: +100
Brightness: +60
Color: +60
Tint: -6
Sharpness: +40
Color Temp: Normal or Cool (I have cool for the game)
Color Mgmt - Off
A.I. Pic: Off
C.A.T.S.: Off (make sure you turn this off)
Video NR: Off

Advanced Picture:
Block NR: Auto
Mosq NR: Off
Motion Pic Setting: weak
Black Level: Light
3:2 Pulldown: On

Aspect Adjustment: Size 2

I Calibrated on an overcast day and I am very pleased with my settings. I thought about getting a UT50 Plasma and I am very glad I didn't. No break in or Image Retention with this. Just turn it on, adjust and enjoy. I hope this helps. Enjoy and go out and get one of these!!!
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emerito99 --

I noticed you have the Aspect Adjustment set to Size 2. Any idea why the Size 1 setting doesn't fill the whole screen? I'm running D* straight to the TV via HDMI and there's a small black bar at the top of the screen. To my eye, the Size 1 setting looks correct, except for the black bar at the top.
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After pouring over the settings in this thread I still wasn't satisfied with the color response from the TC-55LE54. Reds were consistently displaying as magenta and this was really bothering me. I also have a TH-46PZ85U which has great color response so I wanted to match the colors between the two displays. 


What follows are the settings I ended up with. These are by no means scientific or calibrated professionally but rather the result of a few hours of trial and error in order to get a more accurate red display and overall color balance. This were calibrated watching the Australian Open so the content is very bright (full summer sunshine) thus they may not be appropriate for your content.


Picture Mode: Standard

Back light: +92

Contrast: +94

Brightness: +60

Color: +75

Tint: +3 (needed to de-magentaize the reds)

Sharpness: +69

Color temp.: Warm (needed to de-magentaize the reds)

Color mgmt.: Off

A.I. picture: Off

C.A.T.S.: Off

Video NR: Off


Advanced picture:

Block NR: Off

Mosquito NR: Off

Motion Picture Setting: Off (I hate the SOE)

Black level: light


There is still a slight magenta tinge to the reds but this is much better than before. Aside from the red/magenta issue and that Costco listed this with a 120kHz refresh rate (argh) I'm pretty happy with this TV and it probably would be hard to beat at the price.


That said, my Dad just got a LG 55LA6800 which I helped him set up and configure and the picture is incredible. For my next TV I will definitely consider LG along with another Viera.

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Hi all! I have a Panasonic LED TC55LE54. I had an unfortunate accident where my display screen got cracked. I've searched high and low on the internet for a replacement display screen but with no success. Does anyone have or know someone who has a Panasonic TC55LE54 flat screen that is not working but the display panel is still good? I would like to purchase the display screen. I love my TV and would love to have it repaired and working again. Thanks in advance for your help and assistance in locating this display panel. 

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Originally Posted by Flatliner View Post
Good point about the sharpness. Another issue I noticed is that the Black Level adj. is also not adjustable when using the built in Viera apps (Netflix, Amazon and so on) so a work-a-round would be needed unless one will only be using external input sources.

I did notice when I used the WOW Blu-ray calibration disc and pulled up the Contrast/ Brightness screens, all black detail was completely clipped/ crushed with Black Level at "Dark" (which I also saw when toggling the setting with actual program material). Conversely, using such a high Brightness setting goes way too far in the opposite direction, leading to gray blacks (at least technically according to the calibration). The only way I could see to get the black level lower yet still maintain the nice "POP" without relying on the Dark Black Level setting was to lower the Brightness significantly (as the brightness setting controls the black level) AND raise the Back Light level (increasing luminance) Doing so gives that "POP" and allows for more control of the blacks. I also have noticed that the tint and color appears quite different depending upon if the source is Ant/Viera OR through HDMI (such as Blu-ray, Roku, etc.) So anyway, lots of variables and I'm sure each person will want to adjust to their preferences in any case.

Here is a setting I found to be a happy medium between clipping/ crushing shadow detail yet still offering the "POP" and color saturation of the above settings. This can be used on any source (including Ant./ Viera) since Black Level is not changed. This was tested in a moderately bright room so Brightness might need to be further reduced in a dark room (probably to my earlier settings of the low 40's since that calibration was at night in a dark room.

Picture Mode: Standard
Back Light: +95
Contrast: +90
Brightness: +50
Color: +64
Tint: -6
Sharpness: +30 (I agree, this setting looks better with most material. +50 maybe for an enhanced effect with some stuff).
Color Temp.: Normal
Everything else: OFF. Turning A.I. picture to "On" does help in some cases so that's a possible option.
Hello Group,

I just purchased this T.V., used, and I am really impressed with it, thus far, and I'm looking to improve the picture even more. I am new to the calibration game and would appreciate some quick help, especially if Flatliner or KMV get notified of my post. Even if they don't have the T.V. anymore, maybe they could help me to understand all of their final settings. Could you please help me fill in all of the following blank settings (which I have shown as "??? My Best Guesss ???" and in BOLD), just to be sure I have all options set correctly.

Thank you very much in advance,


Picture Mode: Standard
Backlight: 95
Contrast: 90
Brightness 50
Color 64
Tint -6
Sharpness 30 (maybe up to 50 for some material)
Color Temp Normal
Color Mgmt: ??? Off ???
A.I. Picture ??? On ???
C.A.T.S. ??? Off ???
Video NR ??? Off ???

Aspect Adjustment
Screen Format: ??? Full ???
HD Size: ??? Size 2 ???

HDMI Settings
HDMI/DVI RGB Range: ??? All Auto ???
Content Type: ??? All Off ???

Advanced Picture
Mosquito NR: ??? Off ???
Motion Picture Setting: ??? Off ???
Black Light: ??? Light ???

The attachment is my best effort to compile all of the settings from the various posts in the thread... THANKS!
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Would anyone be kind enough to PM Flatliner or KMV for me, since I don't have 15 posts, to see if they are willing to help out a fellow member with their same tv.

Best Regards,

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