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danponjican's Avatar danponjican 06:54 PM 06-17-2012
I had a lightning strike that took out a lot of stuff at my house (two HVAC pc boards, wireless router, cable modem, PS3, coffee machine, computer, printer,....). My TV (Walmart bought Vizio 46" LCD 60Hz TV) still works but has lines that appear at the top 25% of the screen. I took a short video to show what I am talking about.

My question is, is this repairable or am on the market for a new panel?

Fanaticalism's Avatar Fanaticalism 11:13 PM 06-17-2012
Your home owners should cover all damages. Give them a call
Gregck's Avatar Gregck 11:21 PM 06-17-2012
would this not be covered because it's an "act of god"?
danponjican's Avatar danponjican 12:33 PM 06-18-2012
It may or may not be covered (I am checking into that). I am more concerned now about if this is repairable or is it worth repairing or should I just buy a new one.
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