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mrtrance's Avatar mrtrance 08:21 PM 06-24-2012
So I'm in the market for 65" LCD and have narrowed it down to these two sets.

I was able to see a display of the LG at Frys and the picture quality was very good. I have not seen a Sony one yet' but have read good things about it. So as far as prices go the LG would be about $250 less than the Sony right now. The only downside I noticed with the LG is that the screen is rather glossy and don't know if the Sony one is the same or less.

I'd like to get feedback from those that have either of these TVs or who did comparison with these TVs when you made your decision regarding picture quality, 3D, off angle viewing, etc.
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RiverSide's Avatar RiverSide 08:09 AM 06-25-2012
Don't have either but if 3D is of any importance, you owe it to you're self to check them out in person. LG's passive is arguably the best passive 3D implementation and SONY in my personal opinion has the worst active implementation.
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