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kalash74's Avatar kalash74 04:42 PM 07-13-2012
My main requirements:
-thin LED flat panel (so it can be wall-mounted, if necessary)
-1080p resolution
-60 to 120 Hz refresh rate
-not overly glossy screen
-thin bezel

The goal is to have a fairly compact TV that will fit in a small apartment living room. I'm guessing if I go smaller I get better picture quality for my money? I'm thinking 37" would be just about right, but it is hard to find a lot of choice in this size range. There are alot more 40" TV's, but that is pushing it sizewise....32" seems just a tad small, but maybe it would work.

Browsing Best Buy's website, I've come up with these so far...

josephpearson's Avatar josephpearson 09:11 PM 07-14-2012
I got the Toshiba 32C120U from Best Buy this week for less than half of your upper limit. It's also available from Amazon for the same. So far I'm pleased with it.
josephpearson's Avatar josephpearson 09:16 PM 07-14-2012
The 40" Toshiba E220U should be similar as it is also a CCFL backlight and it's available at Amazon for about 2/3 your limit.
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