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07-17-2012 | Posts: 5
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Hi All,

I have a weird issue that's been puzzling me.

I have directTV that runs into an HDMI splitter then out to 2 TV's. When I turn the Samsung TV on, either with the remote control or the power button, the LG TV turns on by itself. I recently replaced an older LG TV with this other LG TV and the old one didn't do this. I did some research and thought maybe LG'S smart-link was causing this behavior, but I disabled that via the TV's menu and it still does it.

Does anyone have any idea as to what exactly may be causing this and how to turn disable it?

Here is some other information that may or may not be relevant. I never turn the satellite off, the TV doesn't turn on when I use the Samsung remote to turn the Samsung TV off.

Thanks for any help!
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07-17-2012 | Posts: 52
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I recently bought an LG 42LK450 that came on all by itself one night. It turned out it wasn't possessed, but I checked on the Smartlink setting on the TV and it was off, but a similar setting (CEC?) was on in my Toshiba DVD player (I had turned that on months ago to see what it did, but it didn't appear to do anything at the time). I disabled that and the TV has not turned on by itself since.

Interesting thing is we have a 2008 47 inch LG TV, that was hooked up by HDMI and the CEC setting in the DVD player never turned it on, just this newer TV.

Maybe you have a similar setting in one of your connected peripherals?
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07-18-2012 | Posts: 5
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Thanks for the idea,

I'll look into it. The only thing that's going into that TV is my Direct TV through an HDMI splitter. I just use that TV as a backup for watching TV when I'm playing a console game, but there may be something in the satellite that's causing it. Or maybe the Samsung is sending a signal back through the HDMI cable that the splitter is passing to the LG TV, so I'll see if the Samsung TV has any settings like that also.

I know that sounds far-fetched, but I'm grasping at straws here =]
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10-09-2012 | Posts: 1
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I have a NEW LG TV now doing the same thing. Last night it turned on three times. I had an older 37in at the same location and it was OK. The newer 27, comes on.
Have to check the warranty and see what the date is. I thought it might be EMI but last nigh from 2-4AM ?... Has to be something coming in over the cable.
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