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08-08-2013 | Posts: 2
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Hey guys, new to the form but was wondering if you could help me out. I just bout the Samsun UN75ES9000, my old tv was the the 65 inch model. I want to use one of those picture style wire mounts again (so easy to install) for this one but can't seem to find one specifically for this tv. I found one on ebay at the link below , I know without the stand this tv weighs about 100 lbs, what do you guys think?
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08-08-2013 | Posts: 2
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Or if you know of another model mount like that let me know, thanks!
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08-10-2013 | Posts: 1
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hi, can anyone here do a colour calibration on his set? Is it necessary ? I mean i have read mot sites and many users have it calibrated and most of the time they do in on movie mode.And kind soul can share his settings? Thanks!
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10-19-2013 | Posts: 330
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How does this compare to the samsung UN75F8000 ?
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10-23-2013 | Posts: 330
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How does this compare to the samsung UN75F8000 ?

Anyone ???
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11-19-2013 | Posts: 6
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I tried browsing this thread but didn't find any mention of input lag? the F8000 series has enormus lag but is the ES9000 a better gaming screen?
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11-20-2013 | Posts: 1
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I have a pretty specific question about the UN75ES9000, which I own, versus the UN75F8000.

Is the camera the same on these two? I asked the question of Samsung and got the following

not so helpful answer.


>Thank you for contacting Samsung.
>I understand that you want to know the resolution of the inbuilt camera of the TV UN75F8000.

>This TV comes with the 8 MP inbuilt camera and is of 720P resolution.


Does anybody know if the 75ES9000 has the same camera. I had heard that the 2013 F models had 1080P

cameras. How can an 8MP camera be olnly 720P when 1080P is 2MP.




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01-27-2014 | Posts: 5
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Hi there,

I am considering either a Samsung 75" ES9000 or 75" F8000 for my home theatre. My current TV is Sony 55" XBR-HX929. I am content with the limitations of the Sony (i.e. some blooming and poor off axis response). With this in mind, I would not want to "downgrade" picture quality from want I am used too. Can anyone provide any insight into what the picture quality difference would be between the Samsung's and the Sony.

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03-20-2014 | Posts: 228
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It's the same panel, same tech if you add the evo Kit to the ES9000. Either is a good choice. I have the ES9000 and it's sublime.

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