Urgent: What is best 40-50 inch LCD with 120HZ + or LED TV with no motion blur for $400-$1000? I give more specific "wants" in the post - AVS Forum
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• I say urgent because the labor day sales will expire tomorrow so I need to figure this out by then.

• I only put such a large price range because there's a chance a $1000 TV could be available in the $500 range in a sale. Besides that variable the price range is really only the $400-600$ range, maybe willing to go to $800 if there's just a big leap in picture quality that necessitates it.

Here are the specifics I'm looking for in the television.

• I like a very sharp but natural picture
• Dynamic range is important to me as well as shadow detail and deep blacks
• Television does not need to be the absolute brightest on the shelf because I mostly watch it in a pretty dark room, but you should still be able to see the picture in some ambient light
• Accurate color is important, just a good picture
• 3D is not needed
• WIFI/internet is not needed, in fact the TV cannot have WIFI, or at least it absolutely has to be able to be turned off completely both in the settings and the actual hardware has to turn off too.
• I watch a lot of movies, tv shows, and motion sports
For the motion sports, it's very important the TV have zero motion blur when watching something fast like ice hockey. If the TV can't achieve zero blur when the camera pans or players move fast by itself, then it has to have frame interpolation or "motionflow" as Sony calls it.

This will be a 2nd TV for the house, and I'm looking for an upgrade over the entry level price 40 inch Sony I bought maybe two years ago for in the $400-$600 range. (EDIT- It may actually be 32 inches not 40, but everything else is accurate). That Sony which is what I'm still using now has options for "standard" motionflow, which I believe is 120 frames per second, and "high," which I believe is 240. Having it on at least standard is integral to watching sports or really anything with movement since LCD's by their nature don't handle movement very well. I recently tried the newest sony model of this TV in a 46 inch, and the new model does not have frame interpolation. The motion blur was very bad, in fact the whole picture just seemed worse than the old model for some reason. I was not happy with the newer model at all.

My plan was just to go with the newer and presumably better version of this old Sony since I've been happy with it, but after testing it out, that plan won't work. I've considered just trying to get another one of this (2?) year old model, maybe in the next size up if they make one, but I figure two years later, there must be something even better for around the same price.

I realize LED is going to be better pound for pound no matter what, but I would appreciate recommendations for both the best LCD options and the best LED options that would fit what I'm looking for as I'm not sure an LED TV would work for my house, and I may be stuck with LCD.

Thank you for the recs!
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Sorted by editors rating, all under 1000$ all between 40 and 50", a good place to start looking.

Second page of reviews is where picture quality info is usually listed such as motion performance and black level measurements.

Lcd's are likely to have more uniform brightness vs edge lit leds and from what i've heard deeper black levels than this years led lcds.
Samsung, Sony and Toshiba usually offer the deepest blacks in the price range though it varies by models and the 2012 Vizios are also very good performers.

If you haven't considered a plasma, then they are a great option for you with great motion and deep blacks in the price range.
Panasonic plasmas are the best for deep blacks in the price range with Samsung being decent and Lg's consistently showing lighter black levels.

Good luck smile.gif
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Urgent, urgent, the sky is falling... trust me, there will ALWAYS be another sale (probably even a post Labor Day sale). Do your research and make sure you get the TV that will best suit your needs. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by BoilerJim View Post

Urgent, urgent, the sky is falling... trust me, there will ALWAYS be another sale (probably even a post Labor Day sale). Do your research and make sure you get the TV that will best suit your needs. Good luck.

Thanks for the advice. I found a sale that goes to september 8th I believe so that's the new deadline as I haven't been able to figure out which TV to get yet.

Mik, plasmas won't work for my house. Has to be LCD or maybe LED. Also I looked on CNET, that's where I got the recommendation to try the 60Hz sony and it was awful. My fault though for buying a 60hz I guess though. But even being the wiser, I can only get so far with the cnet reviews. Im not sure they show response times for the different models, either. Once I narrow the field to 120HZ, there will still be a bunch of TVs that fit the bill in the price range, like you said Samsung, Toshiba, now Vizio, and at that point I'm lost. Which to get? No idea. I need feedback from people who have seen all these TVs in action and know which one is the best, or if not the best than the one which fits my criteria the best. By myself I can't even do that on one category, let alone every one. For example, motion blur. Ok, I narrow the choices down to 120hz tvs. Then what? Which one handles motion the best? I could never figure that out from Cnet. They don't seem to compare each category very specifically to every single other TV in the price range, and do it for every TV, so I can't tell. So if I can't even figure out which one handles motion the best, how can I figure out which one is best across the other ten categories or however many there are as well?

I'm looking for specifics about which TVs are the best. Like the best 40 inch LCD in the price range, the best 46 or so inch LCD in the price range, and then the same drill for the LEDs. Basically the best 4 TVs in the 4 categories.
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