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enticer's Avatar enticer 10:22 AM 09-10-2012
I installed an HD-TV, VHF/UHF antenna w/ rotor. I did "air" channel search and came up with a number but I think I am missing possible channels. If I turn the antenna and re-search channels..... do any of the existing channels get removed or replaced. Or does it just add the newer search to the list? I tried looking but it some what difficult. The system tells me Iit locatd 51 channels but I can only look at 29 channels.

enticer's Avatar enticer 10:23 AM 09-10-2012
Forget to hit "immediately" for responses
8traxrule's Avatar 8traxrule 08:53 PM 09-12-2012
On my Sharp, if you do a channel scan it will erase any that were previously in memory if it doesn't pick them up during the new scan. It seems like you can get around this by manually entering channel numbers though- I was able to program in all the analog stations that are still on (some show just a hint of a signal where I am, but I wanted them programmed in) and it seems you can do the same with digital stations if you hit the channel number then the "." and "1" button- if a digital channel is there, it will tune to it and you can then add it to your programmed channels.
enticer's Avatar enticer 09:02 PM 09-12-2012
Thank you for the info. Yes, it would be nice to pick them all up on a "scan" but unless the antenna is spinning like a top....the scan is not 100% effective
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