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pyork24's Avatar pyork24 06:56 PM 09-15-2012
I'm looking for someone who knows more than I do about HDTV and VGA input. I purchased a Samsung LN40A550P3FXZA in 2008. Recently, I've moved into a new house and this display is my new 'gaming' room display. I have a VGA box for the SEGA Dreamcast that worked great on the previous Vizio display, but I cannot seem to get it to work on the Samsung. It states "Mode Not Supported" when I attempt the power it on, plugged into the VGA port on the TV. I realize it's probably a resolution or refresh issue, but can anyone confirm that these two pieces of equipment are not compatible? If I can provide any more information, Ill be happy to do so. Thanks.

walford's Avatar walford 07:43 PM 09-15-2012
You are apparently trying to send a resolution over VGA to your TV that it does not accept. Almost all current models will accept all vga resolutions but many older models do not. Check your user manual.
pyork24's Avatar pyork24 07:55 PM 09-15-2012
I agree with the assessment but, by what research I understand, it should work. My manual states that the display supports a VESA 640x480, 31.469 kHz Hor Freq, 59.940 Hz Vert, 25.175 MHz Pixel Clock, -/- Sync Polarity. This is one of many supported modes, but I think the Dreamcast outputs here.

That might give an idea of what I'm using. It should output at "640x480p60 (Progressive Scan, EDTV standard) at 31 kHz in RGBHV".

Does anything there give you any indication it wouldn't be supported?
walford's Avatar walford 05:07 PM 09-16-2012
Did you follow the Auto Adjust instructions on page 43 of your TV user manual.
pyork24's Avatar pyork24 06:33 PM 09-16-2012
I don't get this option when I'm on my "PC" input.

With "mode Not Supported" up, I can press Tools on the remote and get options for Device List, Picture Mode, Sound Mode, Sleep Timer, and PIP. No Auto Adjust.

From Menu>Picture>Auto Adjustment, the option is greyed out and inaccessible. It seems as though I should have the option, but it simply won't let me select it.
walford's Avatar walford 02:11 PM 09-17-2012
It is acting as if there is a problem with the VGA cable to 15 pin PC Dim connector and PC selected as the source. Make sure that the connector is screwed down an equal amount on both sides because if it cooked towards one end it will not be connected properly by taking turns screwing down each end only a full turn each time.
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