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otherchuck's Avatar otherchuck 04:03 PM 09-19-2012
Greetings all!

I just got a Samsung 46" LED TV recently (I forget the model number), and have been somewhat overwhelmed by that array of options/settings under the video tab. I don't remember being overwhelmed at all by the settings on my previous LCD...must have been fewer options, with more obvious implications.

For instance: I had already turned off some functions (for instance, 'motion plus') and adjusted backlight, brightness, etc., but I was watching a movie yesterday and the lighting/contrast of certain scenes (usually close-ups in dark environments, I think) changed mid-scene. Presumably the TV was trying to 'auto-something' to optimize my experience. I then turned 'dynamic contrast' option to 'off,' but I noticed the TV still tried to adjust the brightness/contrast mid-scene. So I turned off a couple other auto of them was 'black tone' which I set to 'off,' and the other thing I think I set to 'off ' was 'film mode'.

I haven't watched another movie yet, so I don't know if these settings will prevent the TV from auto-adjusting images mid-scene (which I hate), but I was wondering if there are some general guidelines/advice/consensus pertaining to recommended video settings? I don't mean just re: the mid-scene lighting/contrast adjustment but, generally, are there some video options that a majority of people in this forum people tend turn off, or put on a particular setting? Obviously, everyone's tastes and viewing environments will differ, but I am wondering if any kind of general agreement has emerged regarding some settings. I have no idea what a bunch of the settings actually do (the on-screen descriptions are not too illuminating), so I am at a bit of a loss as to how to manage settings to my satisfaction.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions to help me manage the overwhelming wealth of choice Samsung has offered me!


thebignewt's Avatar thebignewt 04:59 PM 09-19-2012
I'm interested in this too because I've got a Samsung ES8000 coming tomorrow. You should post your TV model I think.
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