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Dear all,

We have a 12 long x 4 tall LCD wall installed in a studio.
The monitors are Nec MultiSync_X461UN

What is the maximum picture resolution for the best picture quality?
The native resolution of the monitors is 1366x768.

My doubt is,
when the monitors are used as screen wall is there any advantage in using a 1920x1080 source, will they divide the total amount of pixels through the individual screens?
OR will the 1920x1080 signal be down converted to 1366x768 @ the input of the individual screens.

On a configuration of 2x2 screens the total amount of pixel on the panels is 1366 x 2 horizontal and 768 x 2 vertical.
So the total of the 4 LCD panel is 2732x1536 pixel.
If I send from a PC a picture with 2732x1536 will the wall show all the pixel with no conversion OR down convert to 1366x768 and then stretch over the wall ?

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