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My FW is 2.0.44. Is there a newer one out there, or is this the latest?
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Current same that I have. But I've not recently checked for a new one.
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Lately, I noticed the image on my 2012 Vizio E601i-A3 has been 'shaking' rapidly. It basically shifts the image up/down, enough to really mess with the eyes. Seems to happen more often when dealing with anything less than 1080p video, but I've seen it come and go in the same scene, so I'm not sure if the source is the issue.

Has anyone else ran into this issue? As far as I know, my serial # is not part of the 'recalled' batch, and I'm pretty sure it only started doing this recently.
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Originally Posted by primetimeguy View Post
LimitedQuote:Originally Posted by adminroot 

Ok so I went back and read through several pages of this thread and figured out some of my own answers. I have a 2012 model and it appears we have a different firmware that stopped updates at 2.0.21 back in July 2013. Bummer that they never fixed issues 2 and 4 in my post here. Anyway, does anyone know if PS4 and XBone should be set to RGB full or RGB limited? Thanks!
are you sure it's supposed to be limited? the color adjustments for Red, Green, and Blue go from 0-255 which is full...
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Originally Posted by guitarguy316 View Post
are you sure it's supposed to be limited? the color adjustments for Red, Green, and Blue go from 0-255 which is full...
That adjustment range means nothing related to proper color space. Use limited.
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I received a new update for my Vizio E601i-A3 last night with the new firmware version being the following:


I’ve noticed new items listed under the Advanced Picture settings:

Picture Size
Picture Position

There may be other new items also that I am not aware of just yet.

Did any of you receive this firmware update and if so what new features did you notice?

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Just wanted to update you guys on a development with my TV.

2 months ago, I noticed a 3 pixel dark line running horizontally across the panel. It would disappear after about an hour, but if the TV was restarted after a 2 hour or so break, it would be back.

Being a few days out of the 1 year warranty period (after getting my TV replaced by Vizio for panel issues), Vizio refused to repair the defect, and I had to get an independent estimate for panel. The repairman who visited seemed to think it was a panel issue and quoted me an exorbitant amount to repair the set.

And this is where I stand now. I had hoped that the set would last me more than 2 years, but having replaced one, and facing issues with a new set, it has completely soured me on Vizio.

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Originally Posted by edyohome View Post
I'm posting this in three different (but related) threads to try and get maximum coverage in case someone has experienced the same issues or have gotten any fixes that they can share.

My E601i-A3 had been working perfectly fine since March 2014. I had it direct connected to a gigE switch with cat5e cable and SmartTV apps were setup and working fine. I also have an HTPC connected to HDMI1 and regular ATSC OTA antenna connected to the RF port. All was working just fine since the day of install.

On Monday (28 Jul) the TV was suddenly unresponsive to remote control command. I couldn't turn it off/on with the power button. I couldn't change inputs (HDMI or other) using the input button. I couldn't get it to go to regular TV and because of that I assumed I couldn't get it to change channels. I could get it to pull up the Smart apps menu using the V button but couldn't select any of the apps because the OK button wouldn't work.

I couldn't pull up the settings menu because menu button was in-op. I then tried to power off using the button on the side of the TV. It was in-op as well. So were the Menu, Channel and Volume buttons on the side of the TV, all in-op.

I unplugged the unit from wall AC. After initialization I used the panel power button to turn-on. I heard a loud static pop through the speakers but the unit did power up. After the processor board boot I had about 15 secs of useful remote control capability but then the unit went unresponsive again.

Each time I wanted to change input or get to the settings menu I would have to repeat the
unplug from AC power and restart routine. I had roughly 15 secs to get as far as I could into any commands that I wanted to deliver before the unit would again become inoperable. The static pop would happen on at least 30% of all of those restarts.

I then consulted Vizio. The first contact was through email. They gave me written instruction on how to perform a factory reset and to use the unplug from AC and hold power button for 30sec fix. Even after factory reset the unit still would only give roughly 15 secs of allowable control before locking up.

Vizio then had me to call the 1-877 support number. The phone tech also had me to do
the factory reset and 30 sec power button hold fix. When it still didn't work the phone tech had me to disconnect the unit from my network (removed ethernet cable) and accomplish factory reset. The unit then started to respond to remote control and side panel buttons.
I thought all was well so I proceeded to connect my ethernet cable and immediately the unit went into the same inoperable state as before. I disconnected ethernet and restarted and manual control function was restored.

I tried then to use wireless network connection. Again as soon as the unit was connected to the network the manual controls became inoperable.

So my dilemna now is that I have to choose whether I want the unit connected to my network or whether I will try to establish the functionality of the Smart TV apps and sacrifice those in lieu of manual control. Effectively if I can no longer connect the unit to the network, it renders the SmartTV capability useless. But if I connect it to my network it renders the TV useless. The device was designed so that one could use both. It was previously working just fine with both. Why can't it be made to go back and work again with both?

To my knowledge there have been no forced firmware or software updates made to the system since initial installation that might would have caused this. I haven't changed anything about my AV hardware nor network hardware in that same timeframe. So it begs the question. What could have caused this? Vizio didn't have any suggestion as to what in hardware could be causing it. I haven't heard back from them on whether a firmware update is available that should affect it or fix it.

Have any of you had any experiences like this? Does anyone know of any known fixes to this? I'm just trying to get the unit to go back to functioning the same way that it did prior to 28 Jul. Nothing overt was done to put it into this state, so what overt actions can be taken to get it back to its previous level of functionality?

Any information or advice that anyone has would be greatly appreciated.
I just bought this set used from a coworker today and I experienced this very same issue after getting the set connected to my network via wireless! The entire thing just completely slows down terribly or becomes completely unresponsive. I just had that static pop thing happen to me, I thought the damn thing blew up and I haven't even watched it for more than 3 hours so far. I'm going to disconnect it from the network and see if it acts any better. Luckily I don't really need the SmartTV functions so I'm not losing out on anything. Definitely sounds like some kind of firmware bug thought that Vizio could probably sort out relatively easily if they wanted to.
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